"targeted killing" to be formally approved ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rebel46th, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Activating that link launches the following response:
    Got through to the story with the UK Guardian Newspaper's website

    US to outline legal backing for 'targeted kill' programme | World news | The Guardian

    Report: US To Offer Legal Backing For 'targeted Killings' Of Americans Overseas | Fox News
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    I wonder if a Some future Edward Gibbon will write of this?

    That sound you are hearing is your Constitution going through the shredding machine....that machine was created by the previous President...Military tribunals, Special Rendition, Patriot Act, etc etc...ThisThe present President has picked up the baton, and is running as fast as he can go...if not faster than his predecessor did....GOP or Democrat...it really doesn't matter....but the confetti coming out of the shredder, sure looks pretty!

    It would be an interesting alliance....conservative libertarians and libtard ACLU wieners holding the WhiteHouse to account for extra-judicial murder...

    The free fire zone of targets that the President doesn't like sounds very Star Chamberish to me. The fall of the American Republic...and the beginning of the American Empire???

    Wait a moment...there's a knock on my door...uh oh! : O
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    There is no legal justification for targeted termination (i.e., without trial.) Self defense and war are not targeted individuals in this context. However, there is a good case to be made on moral grounds. I can't effectively defend that, it's an opinion belonging to me (and maybe me only.)

    I expect that Holder will come up with some convoluted rationale for turning 007 (or equal) loose on select individuals, but it will be phony and probably impossible to comprehend or logically follow. "Some folks just need killin'" should be sufficient. Even with the Sept '08 Congressional resolution "Authorization for use of Military Force" doesn't say word one of targeting individuals.
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    DISTRIBUTION LIST: All Federal Employees

    That street runs both ways.
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