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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hazmat54, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Hazmat54

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    Just thought I would start a new topic. Tonight and tomorrow night off. Woke up this afternoon and went to the health club. Thought about exercise. But didn't. Had a great sub sandwich. Stopped here to say hey to a long time server. Read news on my phone, got depressed. Going home now. Park it and walk to my local taverns. Pound down the Budweiser supply.
  2. ColtCarbine

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    Budweiser ?

    I'm a Coors man if I'm drinking domestic, unless somebody is buying or there is not any other choice.

    Gotta love a tavern that has Happy Hour prices and free bar food, not many left around here giving out the free food during Happy Hour though.

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  3. Hazmat54

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    Okay. Got done with stuff at home. Trying to charge up some deep cycle batteries. They been setting around a year or so. Water all good. Got my old deep cycle charger on them. 10 amp max. 3 group 24, they seem to be charging up. Over 50% now. Taking a long time at 10 amps. Oh yeah, tavern talk. I am at the tavern now. My solar panels got delivered. Two Kyocera 135 watt. Largest UPS delivers. I have no place, just my house. Stream of thought. What? Yes, thanks, the beer is cold. Walking is good.
  4. kellory

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    Dancing girls. This place needs dancing girls...:D
  5. Hazmat54

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    Festivas? Drunk folks were asking as they left. Never heard of that holiday. So my Morningstar dual charge controller, will it work charging only one battery bank?
  6. Hazmat54

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    Seems to be a cloud on taverns tonight. Walked down to my next stop, quiet. Closing early, going to scrape up floors and put down new tile. Coincidence? Or a plot to limit my Budweiser? The fuse blocks and fuses for my inverter came today, McMaster-Carr. Love that place.
  7. Hazmat54

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    Thinking of walking to the next place. A history of bad money changing. Great music tonight, blues jam. Pay and keep the change in my pocket. If Mom and Sister are tending bar, money is safe. The kid is iffy. I need a cheap charge controller for small solar panels and batteries. 7-20 amp hour batteries, 2-15 watt panels.
  8. Hazmat54

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    Okay, the mom is bartending. Blues jam is sounding good. Good decision.
  9. Hazmat54

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    Hey! Larry is here. Looking good with chemo and all. Good folks run this place. Except for the wrong change kid.
  10. Hazmat54

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    What the hey am I doing here? Life is good. Walk by the gas station and get a ice cream bar? Or just go home.
  11. Yard Dart

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    The best taverns have that popcorn machine in the corner that always seems full. And the menu is nothing but appetizers, half price from 3 to 6 everyday!!
    Throw back a nice ice cold, dark beer (Irish Death or maybe a Guinness) at the bar and have a chat with some neighbors.
  12. kellory

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    Here's my best tavern quote:

    Re: Im at a crossroad

    icon_post_target. by Woods Walker » Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:52 pm
    kellory wrote:A crossroads is the best location for a tavern. I came here looking for information on hunting wild boar in my area, Got a google hit here and found I liked it here. This place is like an old time tavern, with a roaring fire, roasting meat on a spit, the sound of good companions in laughter and jest, and the smells of fresh baked bread and wood smoke. Friends dropping in from time to time, and the locals gathered around the poker game. Swapping stories, passing photos, enjoying the company of men and women I can respect. So belly up to the bar, and pick your poison, and stick around awhile, There is always a good book, or a tall tale to pique your interest, and the meat is the best there is because you took it yourself, that very morning, and the juices are drippin'.....yummmm icon_e_wink.

    The only problem with this place is that getting someone to give their opinion on something is like pulling teeth...... icon_mrgreen.

    HEY! This round's on me.....Kell will get the next one!
    Hunt Hard,

    Kill Swiftly,

    Waste Nothing,

    Offer No Apologies.....

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