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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by vonslob, Mar 23, 2015.

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    If anyone had a tax question post it here and I will try to answer it. I have been preparing taxes for over twenty years and if I do not know it I usually know where to look it up. There are many questions I can answer without having to know personal specifics thus violating opsec. This is my way of giving back to the monkey community.

    edit: without violating opsec
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    @vonslob -if I voted for Ron Paul, does this mean I am gonna get audited again this year?

    No, don't answer. It was rhetorical. And I am certain some folks appreciate your offer, it is very kind.
  6. vonslob

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    Broker I am a big fan of flat tax, I could easily find another job. If Ron Paul was in office things would be much better taxwise
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    What a great offer.
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    This is a Great offer!
    Thanks @vonslob
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    As Americans we have a moral obligation to pay the least amount of tax legally possible. That is an indirect quote from a supreme court justice, I can not remember which one. My dad says it all the time.
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    Another tip. Even if you do not have the money to pay the taxes due still file your return. This way you do not get hit with a failure to file penalty.
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    Tip: an extension is not and extension to pay but and extension to file. If you can send in some money with your extension do it. Also if you do have to make payment arrangements you can request to have your interest rebated back to you after you have completed your payments. IF you have a credit card that charges an interest rate of less than 14% then use the credit card to make the payment, if not then request a payment plan because the interest will be lower
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    Sound advise!! And a great gesture @vonslob
  13. vonslob

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    The offer is a standing one, use it anytime. If the problem is complex we can work it out thru pm's.
  14. vonslob

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    " The power to tax is the power to destroy" John Marshall, supreme court justice.

    I am going to get some R & R this weekend so if I do not respond right away it is because I am out camping and will get to any questions sunday night. Thanks
  15. vonslob

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    Bump. A couple of weeks left. I hope the reason there are no questions is that everyone has already filed. If you feel your return was prepared incorrectly you can file a 1040X, amending (fixing) it.
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    Bump. What I am about to state is my own opinion. I have never done an offer in compromise myself but have read thru the paper work and forms to be submitted, so I am not completely uniformed. On the federal level an offer in compromise is solely decided by the irs based on the paper work filed and the taxpayers financial position. NO amount of experience or insider knowledge makes a difference on whether an offer is accepted or not. The irs makes that determination. So if you do use a third party to make an offer be sure to negotiate the fee. These guys that advertise that they can settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar basically fill out paperwork, that is it. The irs make the decision of the amount. That is not opinion that is fact. The opinion is that you should negotiate the fee. Also make sure they will take care of the state and local past due taxes to be included in the fees they charge you. An offer in compromise can help you get your financial life in order
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    I have to pay 6K this year..... can I just say I did it... and don't.....[sarc1]
  19. vonslob

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    If it works let me know so I can try it. LOL
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    Well today it the end of tax season, until august when extensions are due. I am making like a duck and getting the flock out of town. Stocked up with plenty of pineapple soda, beer, and spam. The offer for tax advice is a standing one. Pm me if anyone as a tax issue. To me today is like the last day of school[touchdown][touchdown][touchdown]
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    Just mailed my son's taxes in today. Thanks to @vonslob no mistakes this year! & yes I procrastinated till the end.
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