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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BAT1, Feb 8, 2007.

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    The firing line forums: Cook County is trying to impose a 50 cents per bullet tax on ammo. One person interviewed said it is as close to a sin tax as you can get. It is a now "sin" to shoot. Mercy
  2. Paradoc

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    Having once lived in that God forsaken area, I can attest to the fact that if they can find a way to tax the air you breathe they will.

    It doesn't suprise me at all considering how anti gun the establishment is there that they want to tax ammunition as well.
  3. Seawolf1090

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    It seems that "Crook County" is the Elitist's testing ground for more draconian anti-gun legislation.
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    My father gave me his .22 Stevens Single-shot when I was four years old. Every Friday, he would bring two boxs of .22 shorts home with him from work and I would be waiting in excitement and we would go out back and shoot tin cans with bad attitudes. The ammunition costed nearly a dollar a box and my dad would empty his pocket change every day into a tobacco tin and when ever it reach $2.00, I was to tell him, so he could buy bullets and we could go shoot. I never did figure out how it always managed to reach the $2.00 mark on Fridays but I did know that life was good and we had a hundred bullets to shoot at cans and rabbits all week-end and maybe a bear (it was a possibility, but unfortunately we never actually encountered one when we had bullets).
    I bought my very first brand new from the factory Chevy Monte Carlo in 1974; it costed a fortune. I had never spent so much money on a single thing; $3,600.00. I couldn't imagine how many .22s I could get for that; they were still a dollar a box.
    In 1976, I bought my first house and five acres of land with first refusal on the surrounding 500 acres, should Mr. McCualley ever decide to sell it. I paid $2,000.00 down and took a mortgage for the remaining 20K and was absolutely astounded by the number of boxes of .22s that I could buy each and every single month on interest payments alone; they were still a dollar a box.
    Today, I drive a $60,000.00 work truck; nearly three times the price of my first house and I won't mention the sinful amount that my 1.5 acre plot costed with this 3500 square foot gold-brick castle but I will mention that .22s are still a dollar box and just as much damned fun. Now would one of you economic experts out there want to explain this?
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    In Rome they had "Bread and circuses" to keep the plebes pacified.

    The elite have adopted their ways

    in the US it is not "Bread (With High Fructose Corn Syrup) and Reality TV, and Recycled Pee (Budweiser brand) and .22lr."

    All these are subsidized in one way or another.

    Ok, well maybe not .22

    Have you noticed that when you go to buy canned veggies and such they are not 16 ounce cans anymore? They are 13.6 and 14.3 or some other bullkaka like that. To keep the price under $1 or $2 bucks.
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