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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Seacowboys, May 21, 2012.

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    There are more than 72,500 pages of U.S. Tax code. These are laws governing the collection of taxes from you and me. All U.S. Employers are basically full-time UNPAID tax collectors and and every one of us are UNPAID Accountants for the Federal Government. Congress and the Senate have enabled themselves to both vote themselves higher wages and to exclude themselves from the laws that indenture the rest of us. They keep spending more than we can possibly take in, on entitlements, ear-marks, military spending, law enforcement.. The .gov spends billions to give military weapons and vehicles to civilian law enforcement and now, they are handing out Drones and other space-age surviellance like M&Ms to every mom and pop PD in the country that will consolidate and obey Federal "Guidelines". Might make you feel safer unless you realize where the dollar to pay for this comes; no, it doesn't come from your income tax or even in whole, from the taxes on everything you spend a dollar on every time it is spent. There just isn't enough money there to add up, that's where that big deficit that we keep hearing about, come in...Deficit? What an interesting word. Where, oh where, does that money come from? Why, they just print it, of course! And every additional dollar they print devalues the change in your pocket and further enslaves you...did I say "Enslave"? My, isn't slavery illegal? The Federal Government has made itself a defacto partner in all that you "Own", in all that you do that potentially produces a single dime of revenue, in all that you will ever "Own" and doesn't stop with the bill of sale, it continues ad perpetuam.
    My Point? It really is pretty simple and is basically the only way we will ever take back our Republic and it doesn't require the participation of those that don't work, those that don't own property, those that don't pay taxes. those that don't run businesses....hmmmm...something that the Leaches can't suck the life out of? You Bet!
    It does not require armed resistance, it does not require nearly as much time and cost as we already give to .gov to be their indentured servant. It does not disrupt anything until the deadline is passed...dead line?
    Yep...if a large number of private enterprise would simply petition that if by a given date, the budget isn't balanced, the tax code reduced to something that everyone can understand and participate in equally, .gov starts doing their own tax collecting by points rather than devaluing points and taking at the same time...we will, as a unit, cease to with-hold taxes, cease to account for taxes, cease to do a damned thing except pay a percentage of our own earnings and let everyone else be responsible for their own accounting to the Federal Government.
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    Got you all fired up there, didn't it Sea [wannamesswitme]
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    What did you tell him RH?
  4. RightHand

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    [batteye] How's it my fault????? [yack] [stirpot] [ROFL]
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    75,000 pages in the IRS Tax Code? Yep, I'd definitely say that was revolting! ;)

  6. ghrit

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    :lol: If all the unpaid tax collection agencies refused to collect, there would not be enough prison beds to hold them all on conspiracy charges. (What a neat idea!)
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  7. Seacowboys

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    There is no democratic solution left for the working man when he is outnumbered by the voters that exist on entitlements and politicians that live on the force of our earnings. The system has to acquiesce or collapse, if we refuse to collect taxes without compensation. And can you imagine Johnny Widget Maker suddenly taking home $500.00 per week instead of $325.00 ever bothering to pay his taxes, especially once Momma buys new shoes for the Jr.and still has enough left over to go to Red Lobster on Friday night?
  8. RightHand

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    My feelings mirror yours Sea. The cost to the business of collecting, remitting, and correctly reporting the employment taxes is huge. Add to that the tax warrants we receive to collect and remit (under penalty of law) unpaid personal taxes owed by employees. And then, we have the collection and remittance of child support also under penalty of law. One of my clients remits child support for 6 employees. Each Tax warrant or child support deduction required calculations to make sure they don't exceed legal limits. One employee who usually took home around $600 a week was left with $189 a week, all due to an IRS error and the withholdings were subsequently returned to him.

    It costs my clients in the area of $5,000 a year for my time to account for the tax withholdings and that's if everything goes smoothly.
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  9. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    We can set a dead-line of April 15 next year to either have a total tax reform that make sense and does not require the indentured servitude of the citizens or shut the system down by an absolute refusal to participate any longer. That gives the politicians ample time to develop a system that works and makes sense, rather than using "Boo!" to make us all pay the piper.
    The only one that gets a vote in it are those of us that pay and collect taxes without compensation.
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    I've been fighting the illegal and privately owned IRS since the late 90's along with many thousands of Americans who are fed up...and the IRS with their government stooges change the law or illegally throw out the case each time. I have found we cannot beat them peacefully and with legal action -I await the storm.

    Take notice of the fact that I have linked "We the People" in my signature for a very long time. I encourage all of you to visit the Give Me Liberty website and read the petitions and court cases at your leisure. Another site to check out is Home - Freedom Above Fortune with Joe Banister, a former IRS agent turned activist.

    There isn't much I do not know when it comes to the Internal Revenue Code, Federal Reserve Code, Uniform Commercial Code, and United States Code.

    Some videos below to help you understand a little of the reality we face (in the absurdity of the privately owned mafia):

    IRS Commissioner Evades THE Question - YouTube
    Former IRS Agent Joe Banister and Ron Paul On CNBC - YouTube

    31 Questions and Answers About the IRS: 31 Questions and Answers about the IRS, Revision 3.4
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    ANd people wonder why good people go bad.

    THe easit way to avoid taxes is dont work. Build your own house, fix your own car, etc.

    THe illegals make good money and are paid with that "IN GOD WE TRUST MONEY"

    Of coarse you evil rich folks must comply.
  12. ghrit

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    I sorta like the idea of a tax revolt. Can't help, tho', wondering what proportion of employers and/or employees would participate, no matter how well organized. After those that don't pay are left off the list, there might not be enough left to sway dot gov to put an end to the robbery.
  13. melbo

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    Can you imagine if every Friday, a worker was paid in cash and then had to walk by the tax man and count out numerous $50 bills to hand over to pay his tax 'bill'? Revolt by next payday.

    They got us by getting us to accept 'withholding' - that silent money you can't see...

    I received a bonus for exceptional performance last Friday. The .gov cut was $6,872 dollars but it was unseen as just an entry on the payslip. Hand a man $25K in cash and then ask him to pay the man at the gate $6.8K in cash on his way home. See how many times the unwashed masses fall for that sh*t.

    I'm with you Sea and I'm pissed.
  14. RightHand

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    that's exactly the point I have been making about not only withholding tax but property tax. People ignore a "small" $20 increase if their property tax is included in their mortgage payment. I have to pay my taxes semi annually and writing a $9,000 check inspires me to fight every tax increase that is proposed
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  15. melbo

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    All taxes that are 'taken' from your pay or your mortgage or the sale of your investment go unchallenged because that's 'just taxes'. If we had to hand over cold hard cash every week, month, semi annual period, sale of property, etc.. The tax collectors would be on the endangered species list.

    Tax collector is a much safer job than it was 200 years ago.
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