Tea Party Convention?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by SLugomist, Jan 21, 2010.

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    Did any one see the article about a tea party convention being held soon?

    Am I wrong in thinking that the tea party came from Ron Paul followers?

    And now it's being over taken by the republicans? Yes Ron Paul is a republican, but in actuality he leans closer to Libertarian, but knows the game and needs republican support. Thus It was in my mind that the tea party was a libertarian party. So why is Sarah Palin going to a Tea Party convention?

    I agree every time I read that both parties Democrat and Republican are not conducting business in The American citizens best interest.

    I agree when someone writes, fire them all, vote out all incumbents.

    I disagree when anyone says it was the republicans fault then go off on a rant that they are better than the other, or it was the democrats fault etc.etc.

    It is both of their fault, i.e. lack of character, integrity, the level of hypocrisy on many levels. If you have any beef about the United States of America, it is due to a republican or a democrat, as they have been leading us.

    That is one reason I think the Tea party should be free from affiliation with the republicans and the democrats.

    Let me find the link

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    Yes, thanks to Glenn Beck and Dick Armey they are trying to turn this into a Rino Republican thing.
    Alex is going to make a short film on Beck, I don't trust him one inch. The Bushes, Carl Rove all of them are supporting Kay Bailey Hutchinson for Governor of Texas. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!
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    I agree on beck. I actually had a ultra R Winger, saying how right I was about RPaul. He was influenced by Beck. I told him Beck was a jafo. He hurt Paul in the primaries. He has an agenda. Now all of a sudden he's a "bestfriend???"

    I think my point is, Do democrats speak at a republican conventions? Do Republicans speak at a democrat convention? I don't really know, but if they don't, then anyone with an (R) or (D) in their title and not an (L) shouldn't be speaking, if they want to, then register as a Libertarian. It's time for a third (L)egitimate choice.


    Is the Tea Party now a Republican sanctuary?
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    I have been to 3 tea party rallys. IMO from what I have seen, there were Democrats, Republicans and Independents of all ilk there. Also it crossed age lines and gender lines and racial lines and primary reasons for being there. The american people at these rallys were fed up with big government not representing their interests, out of control spending, the lies, etc.
    my point is, IMO the tea party rallys are not partisan.
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    I agree,and that is the beauty of the Tea PARTY. But would you agree that these (R)'s speaking(Palin,Beck etc.) have a different agenda than "The american people at these rallys were fed up with big government not representing their interests, out of control spending, the lies, etc."
    From my observations of politics in the US, in short the Republicans are the Military industrial complex and the Democrats are the social programs party. But both are wasteful and both trade money for policy. And they haven't changed in the 30 years I've watched, so why would they now?

    So until the (R)'s say, publicly, that they agree with Dr. Ron Paul on Economic matters, Foriegn Policy matters, and Internal Matters then they shouldn't speak to the movement he spawned. Isn't that what this whole tea party party is about?, getting back to the constitution, reduce gov to what is mandated for the federal gov in the Constitution, Stop the insane spending, funding an oversea empire, get rid of the "patriot act" make it a greater nation economically socially and militarily through freedom and liberty, not by the iron fist of the Military Industrial Complex, or the welfare slavers of the social programs.
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    Glenn Beck is hardly a politician, let alone a Republican. He was vocal against the policies of the Bush administration as well as this one. You are buying into the Democrat's clap trap to suggest he is a shill for the Republican party. If you have been watching all this for 30 years you should know this. As for Sarah Palin, the Republican party has hardly embraced her. She was used by them to put some life into McCains bid for the presidency. Prior to that she was a thorn in the side of the Republican party. Look at her history and the way she went after her own party in Alaska.
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    Divide and Conquer; best strategy since the beginning of war.
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