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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Bishop, Feb 29, 2016.

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    Well I don't know how many of you out there use this oil but it works on a lot of stuff last summer my family was up in the UP if Michigan camping at Way Dam good camping and fishing by the way well my wife had just told my 5 year old girl not to play in the fire well any way she leaned forward in her chair and it dumped her out into the fire both hands blistered up she screaming my wife grabs the tea tree oil and puts on the blistered up area and she stops crying we put a cold compress on it and she sleep the rest of the night with out any problems that made me a believer my wife apply it to here twice a day and she has no scaring from the burn.
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    Thank you @Bishop.

    An off-shore cook taught me to use Pure Vanilla on steam and other burns that happen in a kitchen. I am here to tell you, it was like your experience with tea tree oil, Pure Vanilla (you can put it on gauze or paper towel) works too. Same thing with no scaring. I am glad to know that I can also use tea tree oil. I just went and put a bottle in the kitchen. Thank you very much!!
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    Glad to help
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  4. Hanzo

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    Glad your daughter escaped with only a lesson.

    We use tea tree oil on bug bites too.
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    Are you talking about vanilla extract, @pearlselby?
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    Pure tea tree oil tinctures can cause irritation and burning, but if it is not an alcohol based tincture it will not. In its raw (essential oil) form, it is actually a very useful oil and promotes healing as well as serves as an antimicrobial. Excellent choices to boost Tea Tree's potency are Geranium, Lavender, French and Oregano. I use Ananda Apothecary myself, have for many years because the products they sell are genuine and the staff are very helpful (and feminine which I like).

    Tea Tree Oil is found in many oral hygiene products, and its wide spectrum of action has made it traditionally useful in treating mouth sores and gums, for acne, and for herpes infections, as well as for general immune system stimulation and for support when fighting respiratory infections. Tea Tree has the wonderful property of effectively fighting infections without harming tissues. It can be used 'neat' as a treatment for small cuts and scrapes; many parents mix it 50/50 with Lavender for a soothing, natural anti-bacterial treatment for their young ones. This blend may be applied directly to injuries, and will both sooth the area and prevent infection. In 1923, an Australian government scientist, Dr. A. R. Penfold, conducted a study of tea tree Essential Oil and discovered it to be 12 times more potent as an antiseptic bactericide than carbolic acid (the standard at the time). Tea Tree oil became recognized, according to the British Medical Journal in 1933, as 'a powerful disinfectant, non-poisonous and non-irritating'.
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    I am wondering like @Hanzo if you are referring to vanilla extract. I make my own vanilla extract and I use 100 proof alcohol which I think would really dry out a burn which out not be the method to heal a burn. I could imagine using vanilla extract on an infected cut maybe because that would clean the wound but a burn needs moisture.
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    That does make sense. But, I have done it many times. I use 100 percent too to make my vanilla extract.

    Yes @Hanzo and @Motomom34. I used vanilla extract. I just never thought about the alcohol content. Maybe I should change to tea tree oil

    Thank you both for bringing this to my attention!!
  9. arleigh

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    I have heard similar things about Tea Tree oil and it's impressive .
    I have been using colloidal silver for years now, and it seems that the common denominator is being antibacterial.
    The vanilla extract sounds interesting too.
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    Tea trees awesome stuff but I wouldn't say the essential oil is "safe" Its is very strong & can cause skin reactions for a lot of people.
    Best to test before hand, especially for those with sensitive skin. I probably wouldn't react to anything short of napalm though so I use it quite a lot.:p

    Beware... Its very toxic to cats.
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    @runswithdogs I will take note of that. I had no idea about cats.
  12. pearlselby

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    We have been using colloidal silver for 2 years now.
  13. pearlselby

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    Alton Brown had a show on honey. He said to use it for wounds. It contains H202.
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    Horsefeathers. H2O2 degrades rapidly to water and molecular oxygen, and there's nothing in bee chemistry to cause it to form in the first place. I'd give you references, but it's pointless since all the discussion on honey AND on hydrogen peroxide are fairly recent on site and search will dig them up for you. Also, I'm hesitant to pick the ones you would like to read, much prefer you make the choice.
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    I was just going by what Alton Brown said on his show. Sorry. He usually is right. I will search, thank you.
  16. pearlselby

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  17. ghrit

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    So the peroxide is NOT in the honey, and it takes some fairly special conditions and detailed attention to exist before the reaction takes place. I'll buy into that theory.

    I have to say that Alton Brown does not register on my credibility scale when it comes to medical knowledge. He's a foodie and artsy type, a TV "personality" that ranks right up there with Howard Stern. Sorry, I'm really not respectful of that sort.

    Please do not take this as harsh. One thing SM must NOT become is a place where nostrums that may actually be harmful get promoted. Case extant, in addition to honey, salt must be applied AND a material that will raise the local pH for the peroxide to form (and at an unknown concentration) and we do not know what the additional materials are. Honey alone may possibly have beneficial effects, and I for one am willing to accept that. However, stating that honey works because it contains peroxide is wrong guidance.
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    Read the Wikipedia entry on Glucose Oxidase, where this reaction is well documented... And is traced to Fungi production, and Honey Bee Production...
  19. arleigh

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    The idea that honey is capable might stem from a specific honey .
    Just as bees are different around the world so are the available pollens they feed from. here we get honey from orange blossoms and grape vineyards primarily , which make a difference from those pollens collected primarily from flowers and other fruits.
    I would not be so quick to condemn honey because it obviously works well on some people . I carry it in my EDC in a small bottle as well as colloidal silver, tee tree oil, oregano, and other topicals just to accommodate those that have a certain preference .
    Because my bag can be exposed to extreme heats (120) this concerns me with the oils, but colloidal silver is impervious to extreme heats so I don't have any concerns over that .
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  20. jefferson

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    Every day I use orange oil. This oil helps me to providing so many health benefits to the body.
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