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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by gunbunny, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. gunbunny

    gunbunny Never Trust A Bunny

    My daughter and I went on a little hike this weekend. I had to wait about two weeks until the snow melted to around 10-12" so she could walk through it. We came upon a few different trails and I pointed out what animals made them.

    She got a little wet from playing in the snow, but we weren't far from a nice, warm house, fire, and cup of cocoa.
    P2210044 (Small).JPG P2210050 (Small).JPG
  2. Tracy

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    Very nice!
  3. E.L.

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    I was able to do the same thing with my girls a week ago. Snow sure makes tracking easier.
  4. gunbunny

    gunbunny Never Trust A Bunny

    We found some more this weekend. First we found some turkey tracks on the lane. Then we followed some tracks around the back of the house and found this guy...
    P2280060 (Small).JPG P2280061 (Small).JPG
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