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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Stratovarius, Jan 15, 2007.

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    These guys gave you great info. Learn first aid, and what wild edible plants are in your area. Join the Boy Scouts, they've got good info and areas.

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    Strat: buy a couple books when you get the $. One is How to be invisible by JJ Luna. He also has another book that just came out recently. You can find it on his website howtobeinvisible.com This guy, in my opinion, is the single best "privacy" mind I have come across.

    Since you are young, you have the opportunity to never get into radar range with your Social Security Number. Melbo's recommendation of "never get a credit card" is one of the best. If you have to get one, then Melbo's 2nd recommendation would be, "Never have a credit card in your own name". You can legally do this with permission from someone who doesn't care about their credit. The bigger reason behind this is to never spend money you don't have.

    Luna tells you how to disappear from everyone except the .gov Implement them at a young age and you will be in a position to have privacy the rest of your life. He also has another book, Skip College and Go in Business for Yourself.
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    Stratovarius; If your parents are "clueless", why can't you enlighten them? If this is something that you feel strongly about, can't they be taught a bit, too? Somehow involved in your plan?

    Something like: Hey, folks... let's grab some extra canned foods this week at the grocery store. I noticed that we don't have any extra water (or perhaps not enough). Hey, mom; if we lose power for a few days, what will we eat and how will we stay warm? Hey, dad, can I have a $20? I noticed that there's a sale on ramen noodles and with twenty bucks, we could have enough noodles and water to keep us alive for a week in an emergency.

    Sometimes it takes a question that they don't have an answer to, to spark "old people" into action. Baby steps are good, they can lead to giant steps eventually. Seems to me that most minors' survival is dependent on the surrounding adults' ability to prepare. Help them help you.
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    Tracy makes some good points there Strat. Don't hit people over the head with the sky is falling. The knee jerk, recoil reaction is almost certain. Start out simple. Use the winter storms on the news right now to start a conversation, something like;"Look at all the people out of power in the midwest. What would we do if we lost power for several days?" " Why don't we stock up a few supplies just in case."
    Ease them into it incrementally.
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    I've been thinkin about this Strat (can I call you strat? :) It's a very good question and one that the Monkey seniors should familiarize themselves with, as it's bound to come up more and more often.

    I like the previous suggestions about slowly getting your folks on board, in fact, besides educating yourself that's probably the most important prep you can make.

    Do you have any space at all in the yard? Could you plant a small garden or raise a couple rabbits? Some experience in these areas goes a long way, and having a meat supply if the grocers run dry would be very welcome. Not to mention a little bit of cash in the meantime.

    Even just a very small garden would be priceless experience, and you could learn to dehydrate or even can your own veggies. Your folks would probably fall over if you did that :)

    There are also other micro livestocks you could keep. Try raising and butchering a single pot bellied pig. Or perhaps some pigeons, lots of people used to raise pigeons. Some even raise guinea pigs for food.

    Just some thoughts..... I hope you hang around a while and keep us updated, I'd like to know how things go.
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    Yep, local coin dealer. Ask for non-rare (No Numismatic Value also called junk) pre-65 US dimes, quarters or halves. You'll pay about .90 USD for a silver dime today, with silver at 12.65 an ounce.

    I suggest 90% silver like this as you can find a guy and buy a few dollars at a time, no big investment involved. If you look at the 'spot' price of Silver in the upper right hand corner of Survivalmonkey, multiply that number by .715. That's about what you should look to pay for a $1 (Face vallue, like 4 quarters) of pre-65 US coins.

    So, right now, it says 12.65
    12.65 X .715 = 9.04
    a dime is around .90
    quarter is around 2.26

    You may pay slightly more or less but that is what the market has declared it is worth. Don't make this your only prep but it would be a very nice treat for your children to find a few mason jars of silver coins in 60 yrs that are worth 500 an ounce....

    Again, welcome to the site.
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    The slow boat to China approach includes checking every coin that comes into your hands. I'm always amazed by the number of old coins I get. They're my keepers.
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