tehran tanks rolling in to the square

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    I have been watching the Iranian situation quite closely for a number of reasons. Abstractly from the view point of here is a country that was presented with prerigged election candidates. Then the election count was obviously a total sham. If they actually counted more than 25% of the 39 million votes I would be surprised. The true power in Iran, the theological leader of the country put a halt to things when it didn't go as he planned. What really surprises me is the reactions of the common peoples of Iran when they have never truly known the freedoms our country was founded with. Here we are having our founding fathers Constitution totally ripped to shreads, and the sheeple never raise their voices above a meek whimper. Those of us who shout to the roof tops at the top of our lungs are branded as lunitics, fanatics, and domestic terrorists. Its all so backwards and ironic I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
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    yes i think it's time people take to the streets and speak thier minds in this country too.it's really funny that all these countries where they have no freedom of speech they are out in the streets protesting and standing up for what they want yet we sit back and complain in our houses??????[dunno][dunno][dunno][dunno]
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    We The People are too busy watching American Idol and Dancing With The Stars...... [loco]

    We have food to eat, telly to watch, theaters to go to, myriads of diversions to occupy our idle time. We have been conditioned to our yoke.
    Once the situation gets truly dire, and We The People are starving, our tellys are dark, the shelves are bare and our children are crying - THEN we will ask......


    And it will be too late...... [shtf]
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