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  1. SLugomist

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    I was on the phone the other day and my friend said, "shot" almost instantly there was a low background clicking noise and slight static.
    Anyone else experience this?

    randon Keyword tapping or I'm on a list, yikes
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    There is no clicking on taps anymore as far as I know. It is all digitally recorded, through Israeli phone systems management and if there are any flags, it is just auto-recorded for later review. All conversations can be recorded, and probably are anyway.

    More than likely just a poor connection from wireless phones, or interference.
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    You will never hear a "real" tap, pops and clicks are from joe (divorce type) private eye who's read a few books... and even that was during "POTS"( plain old telephone service)analog days. with digital switches, a datastream is just read(split/copied)and sent to another destination...fiber optics are"not secure" either.

    " Treat Every weapon as always loaded, every phone as tapped..."
  4. SLugomist

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    Thanks guys
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