Tell you a true story about my wife.

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    Many years ago my wife & me and my dad and uncle where moving a load of cattle north to a buyer when we had stopped at the area to water the cattle and feed them before pushing on for the night ..

    There was a couple of people who showed too much interest in what we where doing when we where sitting down eating our meal ..My wife pulled her purse up onto her lap from the ground at the place because we where sitting on a public park table's ..

    My uncle happened to look over into my wife's purse on top of the everything was a loaded 1911 pistol with her hand around the grip and she was getting ready to pull it and use it if it was needed ..

    The plus the other members of the family who are carrying are like they are watching my wife i guess for the go signal because she was tuned into them like a laser and was not taking her eyes off them until they moved away from us and got back into their car ..

    Once they left she did relax and take her hand out of the purse ..My uncle later on told my dad and my dad says that's not the first time that she was willing to fight to keep what was our's in the family..

    He told them about a time at a night move of cattle when a couple of old boy's thought they where going to have some fun until they faced a shotgun barrel in their gut area and my wife telling them that it's time to leave before it gets really messy with them and she had to fill out paperwork with the Sheriff dept ..

    By then we had gotten on the scene and they where leaving at the gas station where they had stopped for gas ..

    My Dad and uncles used to say that the one person who had the fight in them no matter what the size of the other dog and they loved her for that reason ..
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    Very cool hank...I bet you have more to tell us...
    You do know that there are a lot of writer's/author's on the monkey...
    If by chance some could put together a life story of you and your wife so to speak...
    Well...Just an idea for some to think about...just say'n...
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    the bad thing about liveing close to home in the military was i was free labor to my dad for the farm and cattle operation ..One time i need to borrow a $100.oo to pay a couple of bill's and get some food for the house because the military had lost my pay record and i was stuck without money ..

    Not knowing that he had all ready given my wife $600.oo dollars because he owned to her for helping with cattle and other chore's on the farm along with them going out yard sale and makeing money that way also..Plus she was just starting her quilting business and things had gotten a little tight in the money area ..

    I had asked him he told me no then turned around and right in front of me give the kid 's a $100.oo dollar bill and told them have me take them into town and get ice cream and then maybe he might lend me the money i need ..

    I'm standy there like one of this day's i'm going to take you out in the hill's and leave you there ..
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    No hank..I would have kicked him in da sac.
    You know ...even a-hole's make for a good story....
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