Temporary tattoo lets users control machines via telekinesis

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    Thin, flexible sticker provides non-invasive solution to thought control
    Todd Coleman, electrical engineer, bioengineer, and the leader of the Neural Interactional Lab at the University of California (San Diego), has proposed the use of super-thin, super-flexible electronic tattoos as a non-invasive solution to reading brainwave activity and using the subsequent data reports to control machines.

    Wearable, flexible electronics attach to the forehead to monitor cognitive activity.

    The device measures about the same size as the width of a human hair. It is able to stick to the user’s forehead and read electrical signals produced by the brain. A bit more specifically, the tattoo monitors the electrical rhythms of the brain and wirelessly transmits this data optically (via LEDs) or electromagnetically (via flexible antennas) to provide quantitative measurements that dictate to the machine what to do.

    Physical layout of Coleman’s epidermal-based electronic system.

    Coleman has found in the past that this sort of technology is effective enough to control the flight patterns of remote controlled airplanes around a room. The problem, though, was that in order to do this, the participants needed to don an electrode caps to read their brain wave activity.

    Since this initial breakthrough, Coleman and team have been working on ways to shrink the technology.

    They believe that they are getting close with a true prototype that can be tested out, and are even holding out hope that the technology might one day serve additional purposes like, say, being applied to the throat so that it can act as a subvocal microphone. This would allow users the ability to communicate silently and wirelessly, and even improve speech recognition technology in smartphones.

    Story and images via txchnologist.com
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    This kind of technology would be great for people with quadraplegia, stroke and similar mobility disabilities being able to have some greater control over their environment.
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    Did anyone see the movie Firefox with Clint Eastwood?

    The movie was about a fighter plane that you could control with your thoughts.

    I think this is both very cool and very scary at the same time. Way too much room for potential abuse, but at the same time, way too many potential good uses not to keep developing.
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    Yes, but he had to think in Russian! try this, go 1 minute without thinking of a rabbit....;)
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    Any one interested in stories like this might like Day of the Cheetah by Dale Brown.
    I have no connection to the author, Its just a good read.

    Like bfayer, I can't help but wonder; Perhaps these things work both ways....
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    Good author.
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    I like Dale Brown. His books are good reading when you are stuck in an airport somewhere.

    I can't remember the title, but he wrote a book about terrorists flying airplanes into buildings, way before 9/11.

    I remember all the numb nuts on TV saying "We never planned for this because nobody ever thought it was possible".

    He also wrote about an unmanned USAF space plane...
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    I have a few of these yet to find and read.
    Dreamland series
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    I have them ALL, AND THEY ARE VERY GOOD READS......
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