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    I guess today is my day for hawking books. I just finished reading Lawrence Rowes book "Tempus Fugit" ( Time Flies). And it was great! I highly recommend it.

    I mention it in this forum do to the subject matter. It's premise sounds hokey at first but you soon find yourself getting immersed in it. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin find themselves somehow transported to modern day America.

    The author is an expert on the founding fathers and studied their writings for four years in preparation for writing this novel. The dialoque at first is a little hard to follow as it is how they spoke during their time. But the author has a way of making their conversations very realistic. And their confronting modern America's technology is very funny.

    I learned more about American History reading this book than in all my history classes in school combined. It is full of interesting and thought provoking facts. But at the same time is a very enjoyable read.

    I'll post the link to the authors website for anyone interested. And this is only the first installment. TF ll is due out next year.

    Here is a sampling of some of my favorite dialoque from the book:

    They have just broken through the timber and are standing at the foot of Mount Rushmore

    "Eventually Washington looked back and forth between Jefferson and his sculpture. Jefferson did the same to Washington. Neither man acknowledged the others glances.

    After the comparisons concluded, the silence persisted. Washington and Jefferson remained transfixed by the mountain mirror.

    Franklin's exclusion enabled him to juxtapose both faces with their sculptures, but this was a small consolation. He realized he was probably viewing a monument, and though he felt stung by the slight of omission, he was to benevolent to feel resentment or envy toward men of Washington and Jefferson's caliber in anything but twinges.

    Franklin watched his two friends. He wondered what they were thinking, what they would say. He wondered what he would have thought or said, and strangely had no idea.

    As the wind abated, Jefferson turned his head, faced Washington, waited for him to make eye contact, and in an unusually soft voice said, "We are now Sphinxes!"."

    Their thoughts on what has become of the Republic they created:

    " Franklin laughed. "Perhaps we are Providence's solution to an imperfect work."

    Washington tensed. " I know you jest, but the thought of spending my few remaining years in public service is oppugnant."

    "So if future America pleaded, you would refuse to serve?"

    Washingtons deep exhalation was more of a growl. His eyes narrowed as compassion drained from them. "The foundation of America was not laid in the gloomy age of ignorance and superstition, but at an epoch when the rights of mankind were better understood and more clearly defined than at any former period. At this auspicious time, the United States came into existence, and if its citizens are not completely free and happy, the fault will be entirely their own."

    They have found a copy of the constitution and have just come across the 16th amendment ( Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes..)

    Stunned silence
    Petrified glances were exchanged

    ... Jefferson seemed like he might cry."How could the people have allowed such tyranny?"

    "They must have supported the amendment if it was ratified."
    Washington said. "Unless America is plagued by tyrannies most overt."

    "How large is the national tax on income?" Franklin asked."Perhaps it is tolerated because it is miniscule."

    "Doubtful," Jefferson replied."Though it may have been ratified under that premise. And the enumeration is not the point. Granting such power to the federal govenment is unconscionable."

    "A government granted such power would press relentlessly to increase it," Jefferson continued. " The end result would be wealth redistribution, erosion of personal liberties, an entrenched bureaucracy, and pervasive corruption."

    He sighed deeply. "This is the road to Rome. A fundamental subversion of our most cherished republican principles."

    " The most significant observation about The Constitution is what we didn't find. There is no amendment creating the Department of the Interior, or social security, whatever it is......"

    "Implied powers are plants of rapid growth. If they remain rooted, America probably developed a most baneful vice: the habit of granting government new powers without amending The Constitution. If so, each new ( scientific ) developement, internal crises, or external threat would grant government excuse for further usurpations."

    Fear seized Washington's stomach and he felt a sudden chill.

    " Such authority must never be given to government! No matter what the pragmatic necessity or idealistic intent! How could posterity be so foolish?"

    And my new favorite quote:

    "O praeclarum custodem ovium lupum." Jefferson said

    ( latin. "An excellent protector of sheep, the wolf." attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero, the Roman statesman who tried in vain to uphold republican principles during the final civil wars that destroyed the republic. )

    Needless to say I was quite impressed with this book. I can hardly wait for the sequel.

    Read about or order it here

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    I wish I wasn't in school so I could follow your reading list!

    Sounds like another good one, I'll pick it up when I have some more cash and some more free time.....

  3. Clyde

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    I ordered it yesterday. Going to read while I sit in my deer blind next week for hunting season.
  4. phishi

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    You're never going to get a deer with a book. :rolleyes:

  5. Clyde

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    no, but I will be able to get caught up on the last year's backlog of reading material. I will see if I want to clean the M1A or not when I see the size of the deer.
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    Throw it hard enough ---:eek: ;)
  7. melbo

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    ordering now
  8. monkeyman

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    I took had to put down "the Odessey" to shoot my first buck.
  9. Minuteman

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    I couldn't read while hunting. I get to engrossed. Could have a 12 pointer walking by and I wouldn't notice!
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