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    I have been diagnosed with tennis elbow. The nagging pain, some days worse then others, will just not go away. I just do not have time to slow down and let things heal. It is Spring and I have raking, pruning and all those chores that only aggravate the issue. Just regular cleaning plus my desk work aggravates. I have looked at my work space and know that ergonomically I need to make adjustments.

    The Facts About Tennis Elbow

    Not only is the elbow and wrist affected but the upper arm and shoulder. Imagine being a farmer in the 1930's with tennis elbow or if SHTF, I just do not know how people would be able to take time to let things heal. I think you would have to learn to use your other arm. Anyone had tennis elbow? I have never prepped braces but I have now changed that thought. I am thinking wrist, knee and elbow braces need to be added to my medical stash. I have slings but you need to keep using the injured a bit so that it doesn't stiffen up.
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    Any repetitive motion will do the same. I was having wrist pains and a doc told me it was carpel tunnel... I went to an acupuncturist, 3 needles and 4 visits later, no wrist pain. 'Too much tension' was his half english diagnosis.

    @Motomom34 in an emergency you can make all those braces. Might consider thingslike 'walking casts' or 'gel casts' I had a badly sprained ankle years ago and the doc gave me gel compression casts and told me to walk. Hurt like crazy but healed in a few weeks. The cast has velcro to hold two plastic strips on each side of the ankle and then gel to conform to your ankle. As you put pressure on the ankle the straps and gel compress to support the ankle so you can walk but have some support. I don't know if I could make one of these
    I know there are other kinds of walking casts, depending on what the injury is but for the severe sprain I had this was ideal.

    Maybe other people who know more about medical stuff can talk about types of casts or physical supports.
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    An old country doctor friend, who accepted bottles of Knob Creek as payment, came over to the house and cured my painful tennis elbow in one visit. He massaged the elbow with ice, and as it got good and frozen he was really digging his fingers into the elbow and massaging it deeply. I have tried to perform this on others with difficulty, so it must have been a practiced skill. He was good!

    What I felt was most strange was that as soon as he was finished he got up and started to leave. This was really odd, since we had spent countless evenings in each others kitchens chatting and drinking each others liquor until late at night. I asked why he was leaving so soon, and he explained... "When the cold wears off that joint you are not going to be happy with me, and I don't want to be here." ...and out the door he went. He wasn't kidding about the pain, but by the next day the pain from tennis elbow was gone.

    I buried my friend John two years ago, but his memory lives on.
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    @Motomom34 I had it in both my arms so bad that I couldn't even shake hands with people. I tried EVERYTHING: braces, cortisone injections (which will give temporary relief), ultrasound, massage, pills... You name it. I tried it. I was going to have the operation where they strip around the nerve and I ran into my buddy who changed my mind.

    I have no explanation for what I am going to tell you and it annoys me because I'm an engineer but I have tried to figure it out for years. I can't. But, for me it works... A copper bracelet. They make them now with magnets on the ends but when I had it bad I stole my buddy's and it was a simple copper bracelet. I now have a magnet one and whenever I feel it coming on I put the bracelet on for a few days.

    If you can borrow one then do so for you have nothing to lose. I know, it sounds weird but I have pass this on to a couple of folks and it worked for them also.
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    Thank you all so much. I will check into all of these. Raking season is here and I need to be 100%. I do not want to lay awake while my arm throbs.

    @Ganado nice pedi.
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    I've had it. Sometimes you just have to give up the ghost until you heal up.
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    @Motomom34 not my toes, I have barny rubble feet from running around barefooted too much =) but I do like red toes

    If you do glucosamine then the shots called 'prolotherapy' work the best. You litterally get injections in your tendons.

    As we age or get damage the tendons become stringy like a used up rubberband. Glucosomine helps with elasticiy. When they inject glucosamine (and they should include some b12) your tendons soak it up. and you don't need another shot for years.

    It hurts for several hours but then you can be pain free. I has this in the tendons in my back. Took 3 treatments because there are so many tendons but I have never had problems again.

    What is Prolotherapy? Biocellular Regenerative Medicine
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  9. kellory

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    I've had the elbow shots of what my doc called a "cocktail ", and it felt spongie weird for a day or two, then gone. Pain in elbows was gone too, for about half a year, or until I hit it on something. (Then elbow pain returns)
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    My left elbow started giving me trouble a few months worse, and worse, and worse. I'm a machinist, so I'm always using my hands. Went to the doc and he told me to get a tennis elbow band, along with avoiding pulling+twisting motions with my left arm. Between the band and taking turmeric, it doesn't bother me at all now.

    All that the band does is slightly change the angle that the muscle/tendon/whatever is pulling on the attachment point to the bone.
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    I went and got a band that had magnets and put on my copper bracelet. I will say that the band made it feel better.
    I agree with that but it also kept me aware when I was using my right arm. I realized that most everything on my desk is arranged for a right handed person and I adapted rather then move everything left or equally.

    After a weekend of receiving 3 feet of snow, I can say that healing will be a ways off.
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    A good friend of mine recommended making a maceration of oil and cayenne pepper.

    Get about a cup of oil (olive oil, mineral oil, vegetable oil, etc.) and 2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper. Put them together in a jar and shake until mixed. Apply to your elbow twice a day, make sure to wash your hands afterwards, its not fun to get that mess in your eyes. After about a week the pain should let up.

    Edit: I forgot to say that you should shake up the jar every day before you use it. And that the longer it sits together in the jar the stronger it gets.

    Honestly, rest is the most important.
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    Yes, rest is important.... maybe some certain stubborn woman will listen to that wise advice!!! :)
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    At a guess, I think the above treatment uses the bodies defense system to draw more blood to the area and thus allow more healing.

    When I was a kid the primary home treatment for a bad chest cold (which was usually a case of pneumonia) was a Mustard Plaster, plenty of bed rest, plenty of covers,a close watch on your temp and 24 hour home nursing saved many a Farm Kid.

    The Mustard plaster caused a raised temp in the chest cavity, the body supplied more than normal blood to that area and gave the patient a better chance of killing off the infection before it took hold and killed them.

    Home cures do work and saved many before antibiotics, I know, I can still remember my last Mustard plaster.
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  15. ghrit

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    That sounds like a recipe for home made liniment. Track coach had that ready to use at all times during the season. I'll leave it to your imagination as to where you did NOT want it to get.
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    I recall a couple of fellows running towards the showers screaming and trying to strip off the few clothes they'd just put on...... Seems someone pranked them with flexall 454 or icy hot in their undies. I reckon that cayenne mix would have about the same effect. :cry:
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