Tensions Building ... Preps Selling Faster ... MH Foods Selling Like Crazy

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    Tension is Building ... Are You Ready?
    Preps are selling faster and faster

    Who doesn't expect the next few months to be intense? Many can feel and hear the electricity crackling in the air (and some are already hearing gunshots). Ready or not, here it comes.

    (Insider info for you: MH food in particular is selling like crazy now again. MH is beginning to experience some backorder issues. We expect this is the beginning of a huge surge, so get it while you can.)



    Mountain House Cans 32% to 46% OFF!
    30-Year Shelf Life: Best Storage Food in the World

    Mountain House food is the cream of the crop in terms of long-term storage food. Pioneers in the freeze drying industry for 50 years, their track record speaks for itself. You want storage food that legitimately stores on the shelf for 30 years and tastes great? This is your answer.

    (Demand is now going thru the roof due to increasing social tensions--don't delay any longer.)

    This sale ends September 30.

    Mountain House Cans: HUGE Discounts! http://www.safecastle.com/30-year-cans.aspx



    Mountain House Pouches Up to 30% Off
    Guaranteed 30 year shelf life! Convenient, easy to use

    All our Mountain House pouch listings are sale priced ... and of course they ship free!

    #10 cans are great and they are most economical, but there is no beating the wider variety of foods available in the 30-year-rated pouches ... not to mention the easy preparation and portability of the MH pouches.

    Mountain House pouch varieties are a wise and excellent choice for the times.

    30-year Pouches from MH http://www.safecastle.com/30-yearpouches.aspx



    Brand New Product in: XMREs in 6-meal & 12 meal cases!
    Lowest-ever pricing: up to 28% Off!

    We just received some pallet loads of brand-new production XMREs. Buy them in 6-meal or 12-meal cases. These are extended shelf life, hence the X in the XMRE name. Very popular 1300 calorie meals for emergencies and adventures.

    Up to $39 Savings per Case!
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    Can you please cite sources that "tensions building"? as related to purchasing "prepper" supplies?
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    Safecastle is a major dealer of storage food and preps ... we have been for 15 years ... I personally talk with many customers around the country ... I also talk with our vendors and sometimes also competitors.

    In fact suppliers and media personalities periodically contact me for insight into prepping, customer concerns, trends and analysis. (I was also once an NSA analyst, back when we were the good guys.)

    You want sources about tensions? Of course I am not giving out customer names, but that surely is not required if one only pays attention to the news headlines. (Hint: growing presidential political angst, a widening racial divide, skyrocketing murder rates, attacks on Constitutional freedoms, more homeland terror attacks, international military conflicts and threats)

    In the past, we have accurately provided warnings to our customers about coming storage food shortages and we are seeing clear signs of that situation again coming to fruition.
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