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    Every day, there are examples of heavily armed men wearing masks and body-armor throwing bombs into houses and crashing the door down. They throw men, women, children, and little old ladies to the floor and bind them with wire-ties and haul them off to be held prisoner in small cells filled with deranged people, drunks, dopers, and criminals. We used to be protected by uniformed police officers. Our children were taught to respect them as our protectors. They were members of our community.
    Why are there no longer any policemen, only LAW ENFORECMENT OFFICERS?
  2. ghrit

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    And so, will the real terrorist please stand up?
  3. ricdoug

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    Fortifying and reveting our households and practicing...

    cautionary procdeures helps curb the mistakes that lead to being a victim. Better to be Judged by 6 than buried by 12. Ric
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  5. Seacowboys

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    Well, I am sure most of us fit in there somewhere, Colt. Being a constitutionalist is now a crime. Ain't that something? They're gonna make it against the law for us to call them names right back?
    WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS, YOU BASTARDS! You are the terrorists! You might sell that horse shit to some but there are still plenty of good American people that will not stand for that TREASON!
    I would get on my knees and beg you people to shout NO! Paint it on billboards, bumper stickers, fly it on the flagpole, print in in your local news paper...NO! We have to stop this crazy trend now. We cannot fight planes and tanks with small arms but we can fight them with our voice if we shout loud enough![no]
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