Test of my personal security, Lessons learned!

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    Just had an "Oh Shit" event, and I had to draw my sidearm on a perp and put him on the ground!
    We had just fed the Puppy and I was taking him outside to do his thing, it's just after dark, and the lights haven't all come on yet! I turn at a strange sound and there is this dude standing on the first step of my front porch looking like he is going to climb the other two and open my gate! Of course, the pup is super friendly and playful and hasn't learned the Stranger/Danger lessons yet, so he runs up to the guy while I'm still prosessing what's going on ( about 1 1/2 seconds worth, and I first draw my flash light and tap the switch, while grabbing for the pups collar, which isn't on him, which is the first clue things are about to go side ways, I yell "Wears the Damn Dogs Collar" and the guy starts to reach for the gate, that's when my right hand reaches the 1911 in my shoulder holster and lightning quick, it's now in the guys face! I yell to Get The Fuck Down on the Ground and don't fucking move or you fucking die! He blinks a few times, and puts his hands up and lies down! Wife is calling 911, and tells the dispach that the dude opened the gate and was allready on the property and had taken the puppy's collar and refused to give it back, and had just tried to open the gate, and now her husband has the dude on the ground with a pistol covering him!

    The Police show up quicker then Ever, and with guns and flashlights, they come up from both sides and see me standing kind of over the guy and tell me they got it, and to stand back and safe and holster my pistol! I comply as one should, and then one officer asks me to step bacwards toward him while keeping my hands where he can see them, Comply!
    They cuff the guy and search him, finding a large el-cheapo survival knife, likely shoplifted from the wallywirld just down the street, and they find drugs and drug stuff on him, and he has quite a record it turns out! They arrest him and cuff and stuff him, and have me fill out a report, and I copy my security cam footage onto a thumb drive and give it to them, my neighbor across the street also makes a copy from his system and gives it to them!

    So, what went right, and what did I do wrong, and how can I improve!
    First, need to set the lights to come on earlier, and get a better sensor for the motion sensing lights!
    Second, I need to get a "Beware of Dog" sign for both corners and the front porch of the property!
    I need to train the pup that not all people are good, and not to just run up to strangers and be all friendly and stuff! And, he needs to learn to BARK a warning!
    I need to also let the Malinois out at the same time, so this never happens again, the Malinator has no problems with security, and has a very nasty bark and the mouth full of sharp teeth to back it up!
    I had not thought about that before now, but from now on, it's all doggies out the door and once, not just the puppy any more!
    I need a two power flash light, a low setting of maybe 200 lumins and a high setting of maybe 600. this 1000 lumin weapon type light is great, but it's too much of a good thing when your still trying to de-esculate things! NO, a weapon light is NOT part of my EDC, and will not ever be a part of kit I want or need, i'm trained extensively to use my off hand with a light, and can drop or pocket the light if I need the off hand for other tasks!
    Need to add more weight to the corners of my jackets, while my draw was lightning quick and flawless, I see on the cam footage that the left corner of my jacket did catch on something during the draw, and while I have practiced it a thousand and one times, something caught! I't probably nothing, but I noticed it, so it's a problem!
    Need to get the wife trained up a little better, she had the good sense and training to call the correct people for the situation, but she Didn't grab the shotgun next to the door, and while I know she had her EDC on her still, she never drew it, nor did she grab her light!
    Need to get Dad better trained too, he forgot what he is supposed to be doing, and instead, he started asking questions, which wasn't good in the moment, he knows what he is supposed to do, but simply forgot or was caught off guard, as were the rest of us!

    My ultimate take away from this:
    While my personal response was spot on and lightning quick, it also showed just how quick things can go sideways in just a few seconds, and I need to take a hard look at my normal every day activities on my own property, I guess simply walking out the door is now a dangerous thing to be trained for, the world is a whole lot more dangerous then I had thought, it literally caught me un aware and that put me at a disadvantage right from the get go!

    Hope this can help folks learn from my mistakes, and keep your self ever vigilant, shit can happen at any time, right outside your front door!
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    Probably released from jail because of "Covid concerns".
    It sounds like you have a neighbor so not calling the cops and just offing the guy, then stuffing them in a wood chipper isn't a good option for you.
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    All is well that ends well. I think you did good.
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    Wheres the dogs collar? Unless I missed that part
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    Yup, these life or death situations always seem to happen when you least expect them to—don't they!

    One possible solution? No ifs, no ands, no buts: Always carry an EDC self-defense pistol! No matter how inconvenient, just do it. This is also the reason why I don't fool around with cute little 32/380 ACP 'pacifier pistols'.

    Sure, I own several of these adorable little 'thumb suckers'; but these comfy little handguns are only for use as secondaries. Secondary sidearms that are intended to be carried in an outside coat pocket during either the wintertime, or in rainy weather.

    Like yourself I carry a huge, very large, very heavy 45 ACP pistol along with one or two extra magazines. Been doing this for the past 30 years; and, truth be told, no matter how big or heavy my belt load might be I feel positively naked without this sort of comforting weight on my hip.

    (No shoulder holster, though. A shoulder holster, literally, gives me a pain in the neck!) ;)
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    I'm glad this went no further than it did, and that you caught it at the right time. Yes, there seem to have been some issues but you are addressing them actively. So, what caught on your jacket? The hammer should have been out of the way, so that would leave the rear sight. Just interested as a shoulder rig with my 1991A1 is my winter carry.
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    So, to clear up a few things, the dude had tried to grab ( steal) the puppy, and ether not realizing how big the pup is or the pup wriggled away, the dude got off with the dogs collar, which is a super nice and heavy piece!
    I carry a full size double stack 1911 chambered in 10 mm in an Alien Gear Shape Shifter shoulder rig with two spare mags in their matching carrier! We think the jacket caught ether one of the shoulder rigs lower straps, or belt clips, or the zipper of the jacket some how snagged. The Pistol it's self came right out and up to battery as intended, so I only noticed the slight tug of things as they happened!
    I always carry a couple of small LED flash lights in me, can never have enough of them, and they are in constant use, the big problem here was the light I am trained to draw left handed and tap on was too frickin bright, and that's a problem for me as it floods the area with too much light, too bright and makes it harder to actually see the perp! I tried the other light much later ( couldn't sleep) and it was much better!
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    What kind of karambit is that? Been thinking of getting one. (Like I need another blade)
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    Its a Malsong, made in the philippines and sold through several dealers as well as Amazon! It's by far the best one made at any price, tough as nails, and surgical sharp! Comes with a really slick kydex sheath with adjustments for belt carry! Very good deal on an exceptional knife!
  10. Tully Mars

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    I have been an Alessi guy for years, and while I swear by them that rig you've got does look nice. might need to give it a closer look.
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  11. Ura-Ki

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