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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Thunder5Ranch, Jan 24, 2020.

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    I went Wednesday for a neurological battery of test that involved a lot of shocking the piss out of me. These test were to try and figure out what is causing my legs to randomly stop working. Extensive nerve damage in my left arm and shoulder is one of the things the test showed. Moderate nerve damage in my left leg and hip, some nerve damage in my right arm, and Moderate to severe nerve damage in my right leg. We have not done the Central Nervous system testing yet (Brain and spinal Cord).

    SO yesterday afternoon I get this call and the Nurse has a list of questions from the Doctor. The two I found interesting 1. Were you in Kuwait or Iraq during the Gulf War. 2. If so what if any chemicals or nerve agents are you aware of being exposed to. Other questions were about industrial and ag chemical exposure.

    Here I sit thinking........ Damn the list of what we were NOT exposed to back then would be a lot shorter than the list of what we were exposed to. Anyway kind of weird and scary that one of the possibilities is something getting up on 30 years ago.

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  2. snake6264

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    The list of Toxins would be endless and concentration and mixture would also be endless
    Hold fast and stay in the fight we're here for you
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  3. BlueDuck

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    But your finger still works. I saw it.
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    And no problem playing sexy dressie uppie time either.
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    LOL everything worked until last June and what discomfort there was in the legs and arms, I just wrote off as getting older and losing muscle tone and flexibility. Then I crashed in the middle of a 3 acre garden on a 95 degree day and could not get up or even crawl out of the sun for 6 hours. Fortunate that the irrigation sprinklers had just been turned on and I rolled under Zucchini leaves to get out of the sun. A muddy and miserable day :) Then out of nowhere the legs just started working again. They have not stopped working for that long since the first time. Usually 5 minutes to a hour before they work again after they quit. Gets annoying when it happens in public though. I literally just drop and all I can do is wait until they function again. The annoying part is all the people that try to help. I appreciate the good intentions but it is embarrassing and a bit of a humiliation to crash in the middle of a parking lot, restaurant or grocery store. Of course the management or owners of said businesses get worried that I will sue them for a slip and fall..... not their fault my legs stop working and suing someone just ain't my style anyway.

    So I after the first month of this crap, I pretty much just stopped leaving the farm. Other than going to a local restaurant where I can get in the door and get planted on my ass ASAP. Also friends with the owner, who knows the score and when I have crashed just ignores me and tells other folks to just leave me alone and NOT TO CALL 911 LOL. Nothing has been worse than folks calling 911 and a fire engine and ambulance showing up. Well nothing worse other than getting the $2000 bill from the fire department and ambulance company for sending the fire engine and ambulance :(

    LOL if we don't figure this out soon I am seriously considering getting one of those electric scooter things, and as a side benefit I can chase people around stores while on it :)
  6. UncleMorgan

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    Your symptoms may be caused in part by overcooked Aspartame in sodas that set out in the desert sun in the sandbox.

    If you are not doing so already, avoid Aspartme (by any of its several names) like the plague, and MSG, as well, since it causes neurons to over-fire until they die.

    History will not remember this time as the Space Age, or the Information Age, or the Computer Age. They will remember this time as the Toxic Age.

    And when their bright young children learn about us in History classes so advanced that we can not imagine them, we will know well the sound they make: eeeeeew!

    ("Yes, young scholars: They all actually lived that way, but it was a time of ignorance and greed...")

    Hang in there T5R. Sometime soon, in a single day, it will become possible to fix all those dinky little nerve problems, from MS right on down, like we fix a minor case of athlete's feet today.

    BTW: Go for the scooter. Put a coon tail on the radio aerial, a license plate that says WEAPONIZED on the back, and a set of bull horns on the front. Then get one of those obnoxious Ah-OOO-gha horns, one that quacks like a duck, and a vintage bicycle horn so you can properly greet those you know & love, and those you don't.
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    Don't forget a saddle scabbard.
  8. Thunder5Ranch

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    I have not drank a soda in years, LOL Coffee, Wild Turkey and Water :) probably 90% or more of my total intake is grown, raised and cooked by me, so not much mystery there other than the restaurant trip once a week.

    Nailed on the toxic age, that is the reason I started my little farm in the first place 21 years ago..... Well that and I am really a strong introvert and make a great mostly hermit. People are great in small controlled doses :) When food labels started looking more and more like charts in a chem lab and pretty much everything became generally recognized as safe. Would have did it sooner but took some time to get the money up to buy the land and equipment I needed and wanted. Never really intended to get into farmers markets, let alone start 3 of my own or make a living beyond my investment income from the farm. Single guy in the Mil can sock away a lot of money if he stays away from the whores and bars and lives on base or is deployed more often than not.

    And I can see myself going to jail with a scooter under the butt :)
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  9. DKR

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    In a 'fair' world, the antidote for all that sh!t would be Jack Daniels, neat. Sadly, the world isn't fair.
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  10. Thunder5Ranch

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    Wild Turkey :) Not a cure but it sure helps :p
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  11. Gator 45/70

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    Wishing you well Pop's,Have you a Turkey and branch on me today!

    Also known here as Tee Fred
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