Texas blizzard and ensuing chaos

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    Since we had bookoo warning about the impending blizzard, I spent Sunday afternoon getting the outside critters ready for it. Doubled up everyone's straw bedding, gave the rabbits a double ration of hay, filled the self feeder for the chickens, and covered the cages. I did not go to the store because.... I did not need to. :D

    Snow started wafting in Sunday evening after dark but just a little. It didn't really hit until about 2 am. The Mr. tried to leave for work at 5:30 am but his boss called him and told him to stay home, that they were closing shop today. By 6:30 am we had 3 ft drifts in front of the door and you could barely see the houses across the street for the blowing snow. I made pancakes for everyone, and hot chocolate, and we stayed at home and did not go to the store because.... we did not need to. :D

    Now snow in the panhandle isn't that surprising, and Amarillo gets shut down at least once a winter because of blizzards, so this is not some bizarro incident that should cause panic. The only snow plowing that gets done is by locals with front end loaders, so everything shuts down, and even with county and state plows running it does little good because the wind blows so hard that it's covered up even worse less than an hour later. And yet people still attempt to get out and drive, who the f knows where since everything is closed, and of course they get stuck because Corollas and Chargers and '77 Mustangs (a wretched year if there ever was one) are not designed to go through 5 ft drifts and 2 ft deep ruts left by Joe Bob's tractor that just went down Eighth Street. The Mr went into work this morning, because we both have raised 4x4s, but said the whole way there it was like playing Frogger with stationary cars. The roads are covered with stuck vehicles, starting with one stuck just in front of our house and increasing as he got to town.

    We had _plenty_ of warning. If someone just had to go get some milk (and I'm told the stores were stripped clean by 6 pm Sunday night in two nearby towns) they shoulda done it then, but nope, they waited until the streets were impassable for anything lower than my neighbor's high wheel sprayer to fire up the Buick and go for a drive.

    The only issue I had was that the cover I put on one of the rabbit cages was ripped off by the 40-50 mph winds. By the time I realized it the poor guy was buried. That was not my issue... my issue is I have no high boots! I have my Docs but the snow came up to my knees in the back yard and I didn't want to get them soaked. SO, to my husband's horror, I said screw it, and went out barefoot in shorts to dig Leroy out and bring him inside. The red line on my legs marked the snow at mid thigh. Note to self: get some waders, heh.
    whiteout1. drifts 2.
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    Naw DW, High Heels and Gaiters will work as well.... Gaiters will cover from their tops, up to the bottom of your Pants....
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    Something like these....


    or these....


    These are colourful

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    I'd pass on the "F*me boots" but the pink camo waders are cool.
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    Ain't it great to be a monkey and not need to go out ? [coo]
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    Poor Leroy! [shiz]
    I am glad he's okay.
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    Dude I felt like dirt. When I say dig him out, I really mean it. He was completely buried inside his cage. He's not a friendly rabbit at all, usually kicks the crap out of me if I try to hold him, but he sat absolutely still in my lap for two hours in the office while he thawed out. He's just now getting back to his usual rudeness.

    Def going to make a few changes on my rabbit setup as a result.
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    No doubt and they are good for brush and the right ones, snake proof, have yet another value.
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