TEXAS Gov ABBOTT Introducing Ground Breaking Plan To Override Obama's Tyranny

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by pearlselby, Jan 8, 2016.

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    Many times there has been talk of a Constitutional Convention and it seems if there is one you may not know where it will go. If it just on the original intent or could you be opening up much broader changes and it may be used for bad things.

    Those guys who wrote the original documents have proven to be pretty darn smart it would be nice if the courts stopped misinterpreting them.
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  3. pearlselby

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    @stg58, EXACTLY Constitutional Convention would be the worst. I think if we had one, we would lose everything. (considering who is in office)
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  4. T. Riley

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    As I understand there is no limit to what the convention can do. They can completely redesign the structure and power of the federal government. Neither the congress, the president nor the Supreme Court has any input or control in the process. I am not worried about the outcome. It's not liberals calling for a convention.
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  5. pearlselby

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    Right @T. Riley very scary ...He is wrong there.
    All I want him to do is not follow illegal laws. That is ALL he needs to be doing.
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    Not in the least interested in a constitutional convention. With the current political climate I can see no good coming from it. Texas has,for the most part, the ability to nullify unconstitutional federal laws under the 10th amendment and we have a pretty decent state constitution to follow within our own borders. Pitch out some of the carpet bagger bullcrap amendments and we're good to go. Just my opinion of course.
  7. Dunerunner

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    A Dangerous undertaking to alter the Constitution...

    @oldawg has it, The States have the ultimate authority to override Federal laws. They just have to live with the consequences, like being cut off from the Federal trough.
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    Abbott and others are sending notice that it's shape up or ship out to the Gov and its lackeys.
    More than that, good or bad, time will tell.

    From his paper is a statement that best describes the problem.

    The 92 page document by Abbott is a good read on what we should do and what most think the Constitution says is the Law of The Land.

    Of course, the Constitution already does all of this.
    And thus it bears emphasis at the outset that the Constitution itself is not broken. What
    is broken is our Nation’s willingness to obey the Constitution and to hold our leaders accountable to it.
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  9. HK_User

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    As always you must legally negate Obumma's Executive Orders and return to the Constitution. Other wise you leave the old laws on the books for others to attempt to use.
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    De nada
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  12. Dunerunner

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    No, it is not liberals but if you don't think the libs wouldn't welcome this and be all over it if it happened, you are mistaken.
  13. T. Riley

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    Republicans control 67 of the 98 state legislative chambers and have total control of both houses and the governors office in 24 states. Seems like it's a good time for a change that does not involve war with the federal government.
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  14. kellory

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    Now....if only you knew EXACTLY what to expect even from the states you are sure of.....:rolleyes: never trust a lib to remain in the background while we unlock the machine that runs government, scramble the parts, realign the out of whack parts and straighten the bent bits. They will be breaking other bits and throwing sand in the gears, before we get the lid closed up tight, and locked against tampering again.
  15. pearlselby

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    @kellory you make me lough out loud. Thank you. I could just picture someone trying to close that lid with all the problems you mentioned. I really needed that laugh. Maybe our Yankee screwdrivers would come in handy.lol
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    It's like nobody even reads my posts.

    There is no Constitution in effect --period. The entire "government" is a collaboration of corporate entities. And as for "The United States", this is a corporation, too. There was once a time it was referred to as "these united States", but since 1933 we have existed under the emergency of war, and the POTUS is absolutely a dictator, CEO of Slavery, Incorporated, and the Secretary of the Treasury administers the insolvency process for the United Nations and its agency, the IMF.


    The Constitution is only given lip service to keep YOU submissive and hopeful.
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    Of course I am. I have well over twenty years dedicated to this topic alone, and it's the reason I was found and brought here long ago. :)

    @pearlselby --excellent find on the video of Wolfie. I never saw that one before.
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  19. pearlselby

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    Thank you. so much. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


    I found this posted on free republic.

    A Continuous record of the white house goings on.
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