texas hunters?

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  1. mage2

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    Hey again everyone.
    I am looking for someone to help me learn a new skill, I want to learn to hunt.
    I know how to shoot and the basics but never had the chance when i was younger to go hunting.
    So I am looking for someone that would be willing to mentor me on this.
    Its a skill I want to pass on to my kids and I am far behind the curve. So anyone feel like going with a noobie on a hunting trip?

    I know its a strange request. I have read books and forums on the topic. to death it seems but I still think it would behoove me to have someone that knows what they are doing for my first attempt.

    Comments? Questions? let them fly.
    I am located south of austin tx and would be willing to drive to meet you, and to help out with the land or whatever.

    Any takers?
  2. magnus392

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    Sounds cool, I wish you luck. If I were more skilled and closer I would love to hang out with a forum member and do a little hunting.
  3. SoCal09

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    I live south of austin in san marcos. I'm trying to get a hunting trip planned in Luling in the next couple of weeks....
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