texas newspapers bought up to silence opposition

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    A part of the North American union conspiracy story is the selling of our paid for, completed, public highways to overseas coporporations; to be converted to toll routes.This has actually started in texas, there are several stories and sites about texasdot's unresponsiveness to public outrage, seems local nespapers have started to become aware of the screwing and were publicizing the deals.Today alex jones reports an australian corporation has (rounded up EDITED: guess they aRE ALL OWNED BY THE SAMEPARENTCO).purchased these outspoken paper. http://www.infowars.com/articles/ps/toll_road_giant_buys_newspapers_to_silence_critics.htm

    Toll Road Giant Buys Newspapers to Silence Critics
    Critics charge that the Macquarie purchase of American Consolidated Media is designed to silence critics of a Texas toll road project ​
    The Newspaper | January 28, 2007
    Australian toll road giant Macquarie agreed Wednesday to purchase forty local newspapers, primarily in Texas and Oklahoma, for $80 million. Macquarie Bank is Australia's largest capital raising firm and has invested billions in purchasing roads in the US, Canada and UK. Most recently the company joined with Cintra Concesiones of Spain in a controversial 75-year lease of the 157-mile Indiana Toll Road.
    Sal Costello, the leading opponent of toll road projects as head of the Texas Toll Party, says the move is directly related to a 4000-mile toll road project known as the Trans-Texas Corridor. It will cost between $145 and $183 billion to construct the road, expected to be up to 1200 feet wide, requiring the acquisition of 9000 square miles of land in the areas through which it will pass.
    "The newspapers are the main communication tool for many of the rural Texan communities, with many citizens at risk of losing their homes and farms through eminent domain," Costello wrote.
    Many of the small papers purchased, most have a circulation of 5000 or less, have been critical of the Trans-Texas Corridor. An article in the Bonham Journal for example, states, "The toll roads will be under control of foreign investors, which more than frustrates Texans."
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    I never read them anyway. Unfortunatley, the nieghbors do. They work good in the litter box. We quit years ago, but they still throw free ones. They have got to keep us mis-informed, at any cost.
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