Texas Session Ends in One Month TSRA Priority Legislative Agenda

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    Texas State Rifle Association
    Session Ends in One Month
    TSRA Priority Legislative Agenda

    Even Licensed Open Carry has not crossed the finish line and therefore is not eligible for the Governor's desk.

    However everything, absolutely every pro-gun bill on the agenda below, is in the best possible position within the legislative process to pass. There is time! Plus, we are in touch with the right folks in the House and right folks in the Senate, the people who can get it done! If bills don't pass it will not be because TSRA members stopped pushing on our end!

    * Open Carry: To allow a person with a state-issued license in Texas to carry a legally-possessed handgun openly or concealed.

    HB 910 by Rep. Phillips & SB 17 by Sen. Estes. SB 17 passed in the Senate and has been received in the House. HB 910 passed in the House and has been received in the Senate. We believe the Senate will act to complete the House bill.

    * Campus Carry: This year marks the 20th anniversary of concealed carry in Texas. CHLs have established a long record of law-abiding, responsible behavior. College campuses are not "crime-free" zones. This is the 4th session for this important personal protection issue.
    HB 937 by Rep. Fletcher & SB 11 by Sen. Brian Birdwell
    SB 11 passed in the Senate and moved to the House. The House passed HB 937 in committee and HB 937 is currently in the Calendars Committee process.

    * CLEO Sign Off/NFA Applications: The Obama Administration has directed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE) to propose new regulations affecting National Firearms Act trusts and the process of obtaining an NFA-regulated firearm or suppressor. NFA trusts have provided individuals who live in areas where CLEOs refuse to certify NFA applications with the only legal option available. There are currently 80,000 suppressors in Texas, twice the the number owned in other states. Suppressors can be used to hunt Texas game animals. This is a growing market. Law-abiding Texans should have to resort to a trust for CLEO purposes.

    HB 1179 by Rep. Geren & SB 476 by Sen. Kolkhorst.

    HB 1179 is within the Calendars Committee process. SB 476 passed in the Senate has been referred to a House Committee.

    * PC 46.05 Prohibited Weapons: This section of the Penal Code lists prohibited firearms and creates a confusing and unnecessary "defense to prosecution" for the legal owner of a class 3 device already compliant with the National Firearms Act. Before taking possession, an individual owner of class 3 devices must complete the ATF form 4, complete a federal background check, submitted to full registration of the device and themselves and pay ATF a $200 fee. All must be completed before ATF issues documentation and the intended purchaser is eligible to take possession of his intended purchase. This bill clarifies the confusion in Texas law.

    HB 989 by Rep. Frullo and SB 473 by Sen. Charles Perry. HB 989 is on the General State Calendar for May 6th. SB 473 passed in the Senate and referred to a House Committee.

    * Right to Hunt & Fish: Eighteen states have passed constitutional amendments recognizing citizens' right to hunt and fish in an effort to protect these essential American traditions from growing attacks by anti-sporting organizations. Proposed language would not affect or remove the Legislature's ability to delegate the task of wildlife management and conservation to TDPW or change the current structure of science-based hunting regulated by state officials. It simply requires that laws and rules pertaining to hunting and fishing have the purpose of "conservation and management," limiting the possibility of non-science-based decision making in this policy area.

    HJR 61 by Rep. Ashby & SJR 22 by Sen. Creighton. HJR61 is within the Calendars Committee process. SJR 22 passed in the Senate and has been received in the House.

    * Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday: Louisiana celebrates an annual "tax-free weekend" in September, exempting the individual purchases of firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies from state and local sales tax. This puts retailers in East and Southeast Texas at a competitive disadvantage when hunting seasons begins. A similar "tax holiday" in the Lone Star State would incentivize Texas gun owners and sportsmen to purchase these items from businesses located here and would encourage more residents to get into the field. The sale of more hunting licenses would increase the amount of federal funds the state receives for game management, habitat conservation and shooting range construction.

    HB 849 by Rep. Paddie & SB 228 by Sen. Creighton. HB849 is within the Calendars Committee process and SB 228 has passed in the Senate.

    * Unfinished Business from 2013 Session:

    Includes legislation

    imposing civil fines on state agencies or local entities that improperly post 30.06 signs restricting CHLs from public property not off-limits to liscensees in the Texas Penal Code and open to the general public.
    HB 226 by Rep. Guillen & SB 273 by Sen. Campbell. HB 226 is within the Calendars Committee process and SB 273 has passed in the Senate.

    What can be done?
    Write your state representative at this link and thank that person for their service to Texas and ask they support our legislative agenda see the list on the House floor. Write Speaker Joe Straus with the same polite message at this link.
    Next, Write a similar message to your state senator at this link and to the Lt. Governor Dan Patrick at this link and ask they support our legislative agenda including amendments acceptable to our bill authors as House bills move to the Senate floor.

    No Good Gun Bill Left Behind! .
    My job is to keep Legislators informed and bills moving in both Chambers of the Legislature and keep you informed. There is a flow chart on the side bar of this alert that explains how bills pass.

    Thanks to TSRA members our relationships in the Capitol are good. With your help now and during coming elections, we plan to keep it that way.

    The time to ACT is now! One more month!
    And as always,
    Keep the faith.
    Alice Tripp
    Legislative Director
    Texas State Rifle Association
    the NRA state affiliate
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