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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TexasDoc, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. TexasDoc

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    Well I just got him home and he is resting nicely, he will be online later today I bet as the Computer guy is placing a hard line to his laptop so he can chat and do other things fro the next few weeks.

    I would like to thank all you personally for your thoughts and prayers .

    Wife of TexasDoc
  2. ghostrider

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    Glad to hear he's home, tell him to get better.
  3. E.L.

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    Wow, he is home quick. I am glad to hear it. TexasDoc get lots of rest, give us a shout when you are up to it.
  4. poacher

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    Just a quick update for ya'll. He's resting alot and moving very slowly. He has a nurse that comes in when Mrs.Doc is at work, and he just LOVES the nurse. He likes her so much he now is calling her Nurse Crachet but he does alternate to the nurse from hell. I'm sure that as he gets to feeling up to it alittle more he'll stop in.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  5. TailorMadeHell

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    Can't wait to see him up and around again. I like the Nurse Crachet thing. :D

    Glad he came home. I know that sometimes there are those that don't make it back. My grandfather had problems with his heart all his life. Hospital did nothing good for him the whole time he had heart troubles. He had so many open heart surgeries and bypasses that you would have needed a blueprint to figure out all the alterations.

    He didn't want to get a pace-maker as he figured that if he was meant to have heart problems, that was what they were there for. He put his faith in God that all would be taken care of and in the end I guess it was. He had a major heart attack and went to the hospital for some repair. He spent a couple of weeks at one hospital before they told him they couldn't help him. They told him to go to another hospital that specialized in heart surgery.

    He went and they did the operation to 'help' him. He was there for a few weeks then went home. He looked hagard and pale a lot of the time and didn't have much energy. He said he was hurting most of the time and he wanted it to be over. We all knew what he meant.

    Well his prayer was answered the very next day. I was not there and I guess that it was not meant for me to have been. According to my grandmother, he was sitting in his favorite recliner and talking to one of his buddies about getting some coffee at the local diner. They were going to plan a fishing trip. He was a big outdoorsman.

    My grandmother was cooking him some eggs and grits in the kitchen when she said she heard a thud. She went to see what happened and she saw him laying on the floor. He had hit the coffee table corner when he passed.

    The paramedics came and tried to revive him though with no luck. They shocked him so much he had slight burns on his chest and bruising.

    During the autopsy they found that the paramedics couldn't have saved him if they wanted to. His heart was finally done and just blew up. They said it was the consistency of oatmeal. The only consolation to it was that they think he never knew what hit him. They say he may have felt a sudden tingle then nothing. I don't know.

    I know that he came to visit the day of his memorial. He wanted people to learn from his body so they donated it to the medical school. So we just memoralized him. After the memorial some family members were standing around my grandfathers car and were talking and thinking of him when the car windshields wipers started moving and the headlights started blinking on and off. They thought it strange so they lifted the hood and found that it had no battery in it.

    Evidentally my grandfather had removed the battery to charge it and it was sitting in the garage. I don't know what happened. May have been a short circuit from the alternator, though I always keep it in my mind that my grandfather came to say goodbye.

    Now, I can't exactly remember the time or day of my dream, though it could have possibly happened when he died or shortly thereafter. It was the weirdest dream that I have had in my lifetime. My grandfather, me and some of the family were at a large lake fishing. At one end of the lake was I, standing there fishing and at the other end was a bridge across the lake. It ran upon the dry ground instead of over the water. My grandfather was standing on it fishing and he waved at me. When he waved at me, a swordfish jumped out of the lake and speared him through his chest. He and the swordfish flew over the bridge and went through a portal that I can only guess was some symbol of his trip to heaven.

    I may be weird and this all may just be random bits of information thrown together in my mind in a time of stress, though I can't help but wonder if it was like he was saying his goodbye to me. I know that I miss him to this day and things would have been a lot different had he survived to an older age. I just try to take comfort in all the lessons that I learned from him which when I think back, I have almost forgotten most of them.

    My mind isn't what it once was or maybe it hurts too much to think on things connected with him that I don't recall them. To this day I hate hospitals of any kind and when I have to be in one whether for me or someone else, I look just like a caged tiger trying to figure out who I have to kill to get away. A bit of grief and anger I guess you could say.

    So, I am definitely glad to see that with such problems there are success stories. I am glad to see that Doc is coming around and will be here plugging away at his keyboard to bring us rants, news or what ever little tidbits of information and wisdom he can.

    Sorry if I layed a heavy one out there. Just know that if you start to flame me for it, I've got connections in the holy land. I'll sic my grandpa on ya. :D

    A little bit of humor to brighten it up. My grandpa was a strange cookie though whatever he did, he did with his whole heart. He loved to pick at us kids and one thing he did was pull his teeth out and chase us with them. Nothing like raving mad grandpas with false dentures in hand chasing you around the house. :D
  6. CRC

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    Welcome Home Doc....

    Glad to see you're home and healing....More thoughts and prayers sent that way...
  7. Quigley_Sharps

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    Yes welcome Home Doc, Im glad you are better.
  8. TexasDoc

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    OK Doc is doing better, he is wanting to go hunting and do some shooting at the range . the infection the antibiotics took care of and he is feeling like he is going to live again.

    in the next few days he will be back online and chatting and telling his story to all

    I would like to thank everyone for there throughs and prayers

    Wife of Doc
  9. ghostrider

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    Glad to hear he's doing better.
  10. E.L.

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    That's good news. I look forward to hearing from him soon.
  11. TexasDoc

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    Ok, gang I am back I have been released to use a Computer and the cell phone for short times . I had my Echo today and it looks good the Tech told us.

    I will be back and posting more now that I have to stay home and relax and take it easy.

  12. Quigley_Sharps

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    welcome back Doc, Glad you getting better!
  13. CRC

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    Welcome Back Doc!

    These guys here don't leave the 'Rita's out like you did... :rolleyes:

    Take care of you, and look forward to seeing you around here....
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