Thank your military.

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    Thank your military.

    This is a video of our military. Living near the Coast, we know how important our military is to America. Please go to the site and watch it all the way to the very end so your view counts.

    I am number 6043236th person to watch SO PLEASE KEEP IT GOING. The goal is 7,000,000 views.

    Watch for the Marine who bends down to shake a little girl's hand, see what she does.

    Please watch to the end of the program so it counts as a viewing and then, FORWARD!
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    Ok....I'm a big wuss.

    Thanks Quigs...[applaud]
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    6071934 Thanks!
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    Great video [applaud][flag]
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    The military is the heart and soul of America;
    Plumbers kids, mechanics kids,"shopkeepers" kids,black,white,Asians, native americans...few "elite".
    Thank you military folks currently serving,retired and and at rest.
    No matter how far astray their leaders may send them , individually I believe each and every one serves with honor.

    its the closest thing to a club of American patriotism values and traditions we have.
    I served in the USAF ( "birthdate" 1947) we had a few traditions mostly based on WWII ( squadron "dining in" etc.)

    I always envied the Navy and Marines for their 200+ years of history and tradition. Ask a marine the "birthdate of the corp". my brother in law some 30 years out of the corp attends the local Marinecorp "birthday" parties.

    Thank a vet
    it pisses off the liberals...:rolleyes:

    Thankyou Sniper66 ( in the flying egg beater where ever you are).
    Brokor;( quite a few monkeys are actively serving your. I don't want to leave anybody out ...) Some have joined while I was gone...
    "Fall in"
    Active duty rollcall: if you are currently serving please leave a reply and be recognized for your service.
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