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    Hey folks, and Mr. Crawford,

    I'm writing a novel length survival story, published through Amazon's Kindle system in novella-length parts, and it's building up steam. I wrote it because my perception is that we are rapidly approaching the corner we have painted ourselves into, and I wish that a few words here and there would make the difference between the endless stupidity and a theoretical set of leaders who would save us from what I think is coming.

    In any case, the idea for my story was an old one, but I pulled a great deal of inspiration from reading Lights Out, and I signed up just to say thanks to the author. So, thank you, David Crawford.

    Also, while I'm pouring it out, thanks to all the other folks here. I've been lurking long enough to know it's a great source of ideas, information, and inspiring principle. Good luck to us all.



    Edit: Thanks for asking, folks. The first book is called Renewal. It started out as a short story, became an 18,000 word novella and is now a series. Each part is roughly 20,000 words.

    The first book is here on Amazon>

    And for non-Kindle folks, here's the set on Smashwords>

    The story, or the setup for the story, was one of those light bulb moments about 10 or 12 years ago. I was driving down the usual country roads in Tennessee, and I passed a two-acre farm field that, seemingly overnight, turned into a 17 home subdivision, full of those cheap looking, oversized homes that probably come in on helicopters during the night. I had the thought that someday, maybe 30 years from now, we would have another specialization of engineering. This kind of engineer would be solely concerned with reclaiming perfectly good farmland that our current society loves to bury underneath development. I call my main character a Reclamation Engineer.

    Fast forward a decade or so, and I finally figured out how to make a story out of it. I think... This thing has been growing out of control since I started typing. I know where we'll end up, but I'm not exactly sure how we'll get there. It keeps surprising me in good ways. The big caveat in this story for you folks in particular is that it's not chock full of good technical detail like David's book. Any one of you could probably solve my character's problems better than I could. The goal for me was just to play with the idea of taking your typical middle class family, put them in a collapse situation without their normal support in place, and see what happens. I hope that my story gets a few people to stop and think about what they would do if things really changed. And by change, I don't mean a new data plan for a cell phone. You guys have already made that mental leap, but I hope some of you will enjoy the story. Anyway, thank you everyone for your interest. I appreciate it.

    JF Perkins
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    Can we see it here?

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    Would like to know what the name of your book is. I'm building a large Kindle library of EOTW books - both fiction and instructional types. There are a lot of people out there who will need to be taught how to stay alive and we won't be able to get to them all before TSHTF.
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    Thanks so much, I am very humbled by your kind words. Please let us know what the name of your story is, as I'm sure many of us would like to read it. I wish you the best of luck with your book.

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    David, you will never know the impact you have made....not to mention the wisdom your words will have made to future generations. "Lights Out" made me open my eyes, and I have passed that thought process on to many others most important of those my friends and family. No longer do I hear near as much "when TSHTF I'm coming to your house"'from them. Now so many of them think on their own.
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    Hi guys, Been reading stories from way back when--Battle of Jakes, Sunset at Coffin Rock/Sunrise at Coffin Rock, and many others. They and Halfast's have helped me and many others do some serious thinking, examining, and prepping. Like others I no longer think "if" but "when". Thanks gents, 06.
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    +1...Lights Out is an excellent read and I can't think David enough for having the opportunity to purchase it for my library after publication. Thanks David!!
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    Some of the nicest compliments I have ever received. Thank you all so much.
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    When is the next book coming? You can't write just one and then quit (notice how I use the word "quit" in a blatant attempt to goad you).
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    Even though the guy never came back, I just bought the first book from Amazon (only $.99 for Kindle) and will make the decision on the others after I read it...will share opinion on here after reading the first one.

    If it is 1/4 as good as Halffast's stuff, I'll be happy (by the way, David, what's up with Lost & Found?).
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    Yes! I would also like to know that answer... I can't wait for the ending of Lost and Found!
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    I've gotten through the first 10 of the Renewal stories and they are good reading...

    (Would still love to see more from Halffast)

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