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  1. wastelander

    wastelander Bad English, bare with me

    Four years ago I was 220 lbs but when gas prices hit $9.05/gallon I started bicycling to work, a little over 10 km and back again as long as it wasn't raining. Pretty fast it turned into an addiction and a week after the snow fell I bought me a pair of skis and started taking them to work. I skipped out on the spandex though ;) Don't wanna hurt my relationship to the people living around here.
    Last year I even bought me a decent bike to replace my old military issued 50ies one for everyday travel.
    It's amazing what you can do with a bike. I love go exploring out old dirtroads were cars can't go anymore and since we got laws here controlling where you can and can't go using motorized vehicles it's alot faster for many routes.
    I haven't stepped on a scale in these two years I must admit, I'm just happy for all the energy I've received, how good I feel when I wake up and to be able to get in jeans I haven't had on since college.
    Haven't changed my food habits alot really, I just don't feel like snacking anymore, a glass of water is what I crave the most when I come home from work these days.
    I'm drinking alot less also, I feel relaxed enough these days. Exercise is amazing, fresh air and sunshine, and even rain feels lovely on the skin.
    I do have some nice scenery on my everyday route though.

    P100602001. IMG_0002.JPG P100701001.
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    Nice. movement is key and finding ways to do it in our modern world can be a challenge.
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    I agree with Melbo ,, I tried a bike , but the size of the trucks & cars speeding past me within a few feet scared the poo out of me.. Didn't notice any weight loss ;) on those scary rides. The motor bike is fun & a bit of exercise ..

    Where are you wastelander , looks like Finland areas , also fuel price gives me a hint. you say 9.05 /Gallon Imperial ? @4.54 litres per Gallon or 3.89 litres per USG ? Our fuel is 1.50 per Litre

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