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    Some of you may remember me from a couple months ago when I was panicked about the economy and was asking what to do. You all gave me good advice, now I am not as vulnerable to the coming fun that will undoubtedly affect us all.

    I have now enough food to take care of me for a long, long time. I did a weapons upgrade and my location is better than it was.

    It seems that I panicked just in the nick of time. Many of my friends are going nuts with the economic unrest and are now in real danger of losing their jobs (housing related jobs).

    They thought I was crazy for making these preparations and said I was losing my marbles. Now I just smile when they say, "you were right I should have listened."

    Some of them believed me when I said things would eventually get to the point we are in now, I sure hoped they prepared. This is how Noah must have felt when it started raining.

    Sorry for the drawn out post but, I just wanted to say thanks to all who gave me some valuable advice. I hope we don't have a depression but, if we do and it gets nasty I feel I am in a much better position to handle it than I was just a few months ago.

    I find it amusing that we are wackos until things don't go according to plan. Now I am giving advice to those who were telling me I was a nut.

    Vindication is sweet.
  2. Byte

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    Good on you for taking your future into your own hands. My friends just giggle and call me a kook. I can live with that...

  3. Jonas Parker

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    You are very welcome, kind Sir! It's nice to know that posting here does make a difference.
  4. Blackjack

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    Glad you came back around.

    hehe.... The NEW Noah's Ark:
    A bunker 40 cubits long
    2 of every firearm and freeze dried food package!

    No rainbow this time...... just a mushroom cloud.
  5. overbore

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    Siince you show th4 FW-190A-8, tell the folks that the best prop bird of the war was the TA-152; BUT IT WAS TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.
    Preparations are living insurance; it is that simple. You have chosen to live under your terms Overbore
  6. Blackjack

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    Didn't know about the TA-152 til now, just looked it up. The "Butcher Bird" was always my favorite. Thanks for the history lesson.
  7. Quantrill

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    I really like your sense of humor. I think any of us who spend much time preparing probably have a little different sense of humor than most.
  8. Quantrill

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    Overbore, yes the TA-152 was bad @$$ prop job.

    To little to late, thankfully. Otherwise my grand-dad may have never made my dad and thus I would not exist.

    If the Germans had been a little more patient and perfected some of their more sophisticated toys before they started raising hell, I feel most of the world would be Sprechen sie Deutch today.
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    Here is a link for you all.
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    I have been a "kook" all my life, and there were those that shunned me due to their opinions....
    But, it's kinda of amusing now, NOW that things have changed....
    I have suddenly become the center of their attention, and a lot of those that thought me "nutso" before, now ask for my advice.
    It's NEVER too late to begin and work at getting extra "insurance' for one's family.
    I've never been a good person when it comes to money, as I always viewed it as 'a means to and end', and I've spent it as fast as I had it in my hands.
    The good part was: Now I have things others wish they had, and now they have to pay double or triple the prices I'd paid.
    It's a tangibles' thing for me.
    Not so much as 'one up on the Jones', as it was mere survival idealogy.
    I have managed also to cross train myself in varied aspects of employment and skills.
    That began back in 1969. It continues even today.
    I even have my 19 year old in the same process.
    So, I may not have much money, I may not have a great paying job, and I don't live in a $250,000 home!
    I have the greatest of "peace of mind", and in myself and my abilities to continue long after the bottom falls out.
    Confidence is a great thing, regardless if you don't drive/own a new car!
    Example: One day my "wife" (x-now), thought I was nut for buying a 'cab over camper', for $400.00. When the job market collapsed, I was all set, and we lived in that thing for 6 months.
    Cheap rent!
    Then not too long ago, she ran out of the most needed item in our supplies.....
    toilet paper!
    I opened 1 of our many cases of 65 rolls and handed her 12 rolls.
    She NEVER complained about what I bought, or how much I spent again!
    My point was made, and I never pushed it!
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