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    I haven’t had a lot of free time to do much of anything but this afternoon I finally managed to sit down and get some work done. Look for the next entry as soon as I finish getting my list of honey-dos cleaned up. I wanted to jot this down more for posterity so I could refer to it later on than share it but I believe it’s good and decent to reflect on what I’m thankful for. Some of the relevant things I’m thankful for are:

    A helluva woman that has stood by me through thick and thin. Without her I’d be and have nothing..literally.

    I’m thankful to be alive. Really. There’s been more than one close call in the past and for some unknown reason it hasn’t been my time yet. My grandmother used to have a saying: “God takes care of two types of people sonny boy: those that do his work and dumbasses”. I ain’t a Preacher so I guess I’m in the latter group.

    I’m thankful that we still have some precious time left to prepare for what’s coming. And that we’ve had the foresight to prepare. If you’re reading this blog chances are you one of us. And now is not the time to sit on our laurels. Back in the day one of my Commanders had a poster in his office that stated : “On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest, and in resting died.” Most of us believe time is running out so to be really thankful we can’t waste it.

    I’m thankful I haven’t lost my humanity. Lord knows there were times it grew dark but it’s still intact. And regardless of how bad things get I refuse to let it die. I’ll temper it with justice and common sense (don’t get me wrong – I’m capable of some pretty nasty shit if the need arises) but I believe once we lose our humanity there’s really no difference between us and those we so abhor.

    I’m thankful for the guys out there that work to make a difference. Mosby, AMerc, Max V, Sam, and the whole list that is too long to note here. Whether it’s sharing training, doctrine, or even philosophy those that work to hedge the bet in our favor these folks are a true gift. Confucius said “If you want to make a stand help others make a stand”. Thanks guys (and gals).

    I’m thankful that I have the resources to help others that are busting their asses to survive. Those folks that live by the TANSTAAFL mentality more than deserve it. And in true country boy spirit I’ll continue helping until I can’t or they quit.

    I’m thankful that there are still young men and women that are willing to go in harm’s way to confront evil. Some of them are going to eat a Thanksgiving dinner out of cold inserts away from their families just as the generations before them have done.

    You may have a list of things you’re thankful for and being thankful in itself is one thing. To really be thankful we have to make a difference in some way, shape, or form no matter how miniscule in those that need and deserve help. Sam has an excellent grasp of that with his “III to III” concept. If you’re in the position to make a difference you don’t owe it to others to do so. You owe it to yourself.

    Myself and the rest of the pack are going light this year. We’ve got one son in Afghanistan and one in Africa so this is going to be a different type of thanksgiving for me – it seems I was always the one gone over the holidays. No doubt HH6 is familiar with not having the family near during this time of the year but for me this is going to be a completely different Thanksgiving. So there’s no cooking for us tomorrow, instead we’re heading up to the VA hospital to spend it with some of my brothers and sisters.

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