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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Dec 11, 2011.

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    HOA's are illegal.. period. If you choose to live in one, you're dumber than a box of rocks.
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    If the HOA rules he signed show him to be in violation.... it sucks to be be him. I would NOT let an HOA dictate to me on my own property - I'd buy another property. HOA free. I could erect a 50 foot statue where I am, and NOBODY can order me to tear it down.
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    Heck I'm a redneck and I think that things paint job is gaudy as all hell.
    Give me a toilet bowl flower pot and an engine block hedge row anyday over that thing.
  5. ghrit

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    He signed the contract when he bought (or is he renting?) the house, the rights and responsibilities are (supposed to be) disclosed. The one my father was in was clean that way. He owns everything inside the drip line, outside of that belongs to the condo association (normally) and has to maintain it. There's clearly more to the story, I smell a rat.
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    The biggest question I have is, "Did they notify them ASAP that they were breaking the rules or did they wait until they racked up 4 months of fines before action was taken?" On the assumption that the rules were made clear the family is in the wrong, but IMO the fine should be dated from the time of initial notification.
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    A case of Gestapo HOA vs. hard-headed resident - there will be no winners in this little turf war.
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    what i dont get...Its a nativity scene right? its put out for if thats the case then its only been out for a month or much in fines can be racked up in a month? And the HOA took it, says they took it and wont give it back. Now if you knowingly take something that you know belongs to someone else, its called theft.
    yeah something is rattish about this one....

    glad i dont live in an HOA...

    oops, my bad....its a virgin mary statue....i need my glasses...
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    Many HOAs charge a fine daily. For example, I've got a doctor friend who routinely works double shifts. On garbage day recently, he set his garbage out and went to work. 48 hours later, he returns home with two fines for leaving his cans out by the curb for 12 hours past pick-up (x2).

    Just think, some @$$hole with nothin better to do goes around to check on stuff like that. ...probably a hallway monitor in school....those kinda people won't do well with what's comin.
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    They should be OUTLAWED! HOA's here are like the freakin' Gestapo!
    And they are all NUTS! ( Kool-aid?)
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    I see the HOA's as the breeding ground of the Liberal Politicians. Nosey busybodies who aspire to loftier ways to impose their will on the People......
    Must suck to have no personal life, and have to get their jollies scoping out the neighbor's garbage, grass length, etc........
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    Adolph Eichman was probably an HOA enforcer

    Actually, @ssholes like that are like to do very well out of what's coming....they are the the loyal henchmen and enforcers that have inevitably hung off the authority of dictators and petty tyrants...they are the concentration camp commandants and guards who are happy to follow the rules and make sure that everyone else conscientiously follows them too!!!
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    True to some extent...but, the flip-side of that coin is the police will not be able to investigate crimes as they once did. Who is going to take that missing person report...or investigate some @$$hole with a canoe down his forehead.

    Anyone read the Jakarta Pandemic? It is full of scruples tests.

    For a brief introduction, TSHF in the form of a super-flu and goods and services shut down. In a neighborhood subdivision, the protagonist, Alex (who is a prepper) urges everyone early on to stock their shelves with non-perishables. Things keep getting of the @$$holes of the subdivision, Todd (a cricket) wants the whole subdivision to put all of their food into one place and it be handed out accordingly to who needs it the most (Marx anyone?). This doesn't fly and Todd ends up stealing food from neighborhood houses whose family has either left or died. But, when drifters come through the neighborhood, Todd always sends them to Alex's house, telling them he has plenty of food that he hands out to strangers. This puts Alex's family in danger several times.

    ...I think I wouldn't have much of a problem ridding the neighborhood of Todd.
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  15. Alpha Dog

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    What the guy should do get him another one set it outside his door and have his wife take the car down the road. While he hides in the house and when they come to steal it jump out with a stick and give a couple of them a good beating. then call 911 and tell them these people came to rob him and when he open the door they jumped him.

    Now me personally what I would do is catch each one of them out one at a time and give them a beating and tell the one I just got to tell his friends I was going to whoop each one of them til I got my statue back and after I went through the group I was going to start all over.
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    Cruel and unusual. How about kneecapping instead?
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    One rotten apple - hereabouts, "Todd" would simply be 'gone' one fine day.

    "S, S & SU"
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