That's one very short sighted Moose cow.

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  2. tacmotusn

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    I was surprised

    That momma moose could have stomped his butt into a pile of bloody hamburger. With that calf right there, I am really surprised she was so docile. Had he even loudly said boo, I think it would have been less than a 50/50 chance the bowhunter walked away intact. Very interesting video.
  3. tacmotusn

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    Yes I know carp are considered a nuisance fish.....

    I was a bit disappointed to see these carp shot and then discarded. I could can or smoke a couple or several hundred pounds of good eating with just a little know how being required. By the way, a large percentage of gefilte fish eaten by those of the Jewish faith is Carp. The peoples of Japan eat Koi, which is type of Carp.
    Big ones are easy to process. Fillet away from center bone structure. Then fillet skin away from fish flesh. Now turn the fllet with the side up that had the skin on it. The redish brown stripe that runs the long length of the fillet is a fatty mud (distasteful) strip that needs to be cut away. I usually cut the fillet into thinner long fillets right at the mud strip. Then the depth of the strip into the fllet can easily be seen and completely cut away. Carp has some small y bones in this fillet so I prefer to can as large strips or large chunks in pint jars with 1/2 teaspoon of salt added. This is raw pack pressure canning and no liquid needs to be added. When you can the fish, small bones will completely dissolve away.
    What a monumental waste of fine eating just to throw them away. Waste not, want not. Oh well I guess he had to impress the females sticking his arrow into lots of live things.
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    Moose have notoriously Poor Eyesight, and with the wind blowing directly toward the Hunter, and him not moving in the slightest, it took the Momma Moose a while to figure out what he was. Once she got a whiff of his sent, she immediately moved off. If he had made ANY sudden Move, and spooked Momma Moose, he would have been Stomped into a small pile of Bear Breakfast, in short order. At the point where she was deciding, what He Was, his only chance for living was to remain absolutely Still..... ..... Me, I like to have a very BIG Tree, between "Me" and ANY Moose. YMMV.....
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    I agree with you tac, about the waste. In Australia, carp are a feral pest and by law, Carp must be killed and not released back into the water. European Carp have seen the decline in native fish species and are a declared pest species throughout Australia. My main reason for showing the bow fishing was to demonstrate the effectiveness of bow fishing as a means of food gathering. Inland commercial fishermen on sell the carp bye catch to manufacturers of liquid fertilser....

    Liquid Fertilisers - Liquid Fish Fertilisers | Charlie Carp Fertiliser

    The point made by you and BT about the lethality of being attacked by mother moose with calf is well taken....antlered bulls, more so!

    Moose Hunting Danger !!! - YouTube
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    The antlered bull moose is more likely to flee like a black bear. The female moose with young is likened to a mama grizley with young cub(s).
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    That is usually the way with mothers and their young in nature. Humans can be like that too....though sadly, all too often, some homo sapiens young are at greater risk from their own parents than predators. : (
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    That video was amazing. I would have s@$t myself. I saw a mother moose charge a car once, I took off with a quickness.
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