The 10 biggest global concerns, according to millennials

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    Interesting article and if you follow the link in the article, they provide a real in-depth study on millennials.

    Here's how the concerns stacked up. And for the record, the survey was offered in 14 languages, including all official languages of the United Nations.

    1. Climate change / destruction of nature (48.8%)
    2. Large scale conflict / wars (38.9%)
    3. Inequality (income, discrimination) (30.8%)
    4. Poverty (29.2%)
    5. Religious conflicts (23.9%)
    6. Government accountability and transparency / corruption (22.7%)
    7. Food and water security (18.2%)
    8. Lack of education (15.9%)
    9. Safety / security / wellbeing (14.1%)
    10. Lack of economic opportunity and employment (12.1%)

    Full article here- The 10 biggest global concerns, according to millennials

    Recall back when you were age 18-35. What were your greatest concerns? It is amazing how priorities seem to be changing. Bashing this generation is not necessary but it is fascinating how concerns seem to change over the generations.This is about global concerns but in my opinion if you were not doing well then no sense worrying about globally. Isn't the saying act locally (self) think globally (world).
    From the original article, here is the link to the in-depth study Global Shaper's Survey 2017
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  2. oil pan 4

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    I'm guessing 5 is the politically correct way to say Islamic terrorism?

    I say generally they got it backwards.
    They are generally very brain washable.

    When I was 17-18 I was afraid of the end of civilization as we know it. That's one of the reasons I taught my self to reload ammo when I was 15.

    Lack of employment should be first or second. With out income your screwed, but I guess they are millennials, so they can just move back in with mom and dad.

    Personal security should be first. But I bet they still think the police have an obligation to protect them LAMO.

    Lack of education should be up there, most well paying non trades skills jobs require some education after high school.

    IMO food water security should be like #2, but they are young, they don't know any thing besides taking food and water for granted.

    What the government is doing can be down there a ways on the list. Their going to do what ever they want and that's all their is to it and we're not going to stop them.

    1 through 3 just proves the vast majority have accepted their useful idiot programming.
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  3. Seawolf1090

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    With two of the top three being canards, this shows the extent they parrot what their globalist controllers tell them to. They are not being taught to seek real info and data to make up their own minds.
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  4. Altoidfishfins

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    AH sigh!
    Well someday hopefully they'll figure out that they've been led around like a bunch of livestock..
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  5. smithcp2002

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    At that age, just wanted to get the chores done after school or work and chase the girls.
  6. Dunerunner

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    You have to take into account the source of the survey, the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Survey of 2017. I'm sure their data is pure and unbiased and not solicited from a select group of like minded individuals.
  7. Motomom34

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    That is exactly what I thought. Granted it was global concerns but I would have thought they would say them and their future first. I certainly thought of me first because I was raised that I have to take care of myself. My Mom didn't have a basement for me to live in and she moved to a one bed-room house when I went to college so I knew there was no going back.
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  8. techsar

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    Perhaps that is the main problem...they've been coddled too much. ???
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  9. oil pan 4

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    Yeah, my mom is regretting me joinin the air force, I left and never came back and that was 2002.
    I carved out an economic nitch that just does not exist in the small town in Maine town I'm from.
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  10. 3M-TA3

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    I think it's a generation that hasn't for the most part been tested. They live in a partial reality where social media on a smart phone is their world. A few years ago when I was traveling frequently on business I'd always go out and explore and wander around. The millennials were always the ones walking around with their nose stuck in a smartphone, likely updating FB to say they were in Seattle or wherever while they were completely missing the actual experience.

    This is a generation that will eventually be tested as are all of them. They risk being eclipsed by the generation following them that shows signs of seeking the red pill as each generation goes the opposite of the one that preceded them.
  11. SB21

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    When I read # 3 , I knew they weren't polling my age group. My age group was taught to get a job, learn from it, use it as a stepping stone to move up the pay scale chain. Each job was intended to be a learning experience to higher income. If you decide to make a career out of burger flipping, then you're not looking to better yourself, and your pretty apt to be staying on lower side of the pay scale.
    They were polling the " Gimmie, Gimmie , group ". Pansy assed kids piss me off.
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  12. Tully Mars

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    But it is sooo easy:whistle:
    As per the norm with 99% of the "M Gen" their concerns are @zzbackwards and upside down
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  13. ghrit

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    I've scratched my bald spot over this. The more interesting question then becomes, "How do us ancients get the message across, since "bashing" them might be counterproductive?" With a nod to Tully Mars (except his percentage azzezzment :lol:) how do we turn them right side up?

    mm34, you are right about needing to sort things out locally before going global. I've this nasty suspicion that the global problems all started locally, here, in the good ol' US of A by over-reaching our responsibilities before we had the household under control, clean and tidy.
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  14. arleigh

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    It's their school teachers that feed them this garbage.
    IMO all public teachers should be elected and weighed according to their performance.
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  15. Tully Mars

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    Yeah well I guess I low balled it:D
  16. Legion489

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    Oh they will, but not until the Judas goat leads them up the slaughterhouse ramp, and then not all of them.
  17. Seacowboys

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    Got two things to say about it: Pot Roast and black walnut ice cream with brandied fruit. Comfort food does wonder to minimize the rest of the world's problems.Well that, a good supply of ammunition.
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  18. Gator 45/70

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    If they drug tested in July a large percentage would be unemployed!
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  19. Witch Doctor 01

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    nice in theory but do you want your kids to learn something? a popularity contest isn't going to get better teachers probably worse... as to weighed according to their performance... how would you do that? testing? students who don't give a damn are being carried along in classes with help by parents, and administrators who are playing the .gov game.... education should be considered a privilege and not a right... you disrupt classes you leave and learn how to dig ditches....

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