The 12th Man

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by SB21, Dec 8, 2018.

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    Just watched a movie on Hulu , might be on other channels , not sure. Anyway , just thought I'd do a movie review for the cold weather couch potatoes .
    It's a pretty decent movie , it's set during WW11 , the Germans are hunting for the lone survivor of a 12 man saboteur unit . It's based on the true life events of the lone survivor . You will have to read the subtitles for some of the characters , but its not to bad . It show's the will to survive , and the courage of the people who risk their lives to save him .
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    There's the trailer.....

    A pity the German nemesis is the stereotypic cardboard cutout Nazi....the character seems a little flat to me.
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    It may not be a blockbuster movie , but for a hulu movie it's pretty good . Seems that hulu has a bunch of B grade movies anyway .
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  4. I always like WW II movies. Easier to tell who the good guys were. Looks pretty bloody. Based on a book? . .
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    Without a doubt , the man endured some pain .
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    Oh! It is an excellent movie, true story too! The book took over 5 years to research. There is another book out called 'We Die Alone" which was excellent (I read it long ago and still have it!) and told the same story also but apparently wasn't researched as thoroughly and the participants who were involved were always quite angry that the author just cherry picked parts he wanted of the story. We watched the film a couple of weeks ago definitely reminds one that whenever you think you have it bad, you need to could be a lot worse. Excellent film! Amazing story!

    EDIT: Oh! And, I really am glad it wasn't me...LOL!
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