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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Jan 2, 2010.

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    Cnn video to make blood shoot out of your eyes.,

    A school bus driver gets bailed out of an $800k house!!!!

    the video is posted in the blog so people could rant in the comments.
    I wonder how many of the ranters voted for "hope, and change"and REDISTRIBUTION!!!" oBAMA MONEY! FROM HIS stay-ash"[applaud]

    "Tip to Housing Doom. As a followup to the earlier story about the types of folks who are very annoyed by the Obama mortgage bailout plan...
    Sound off in the comments. How many of you feel sorry for the bus driver in the $800k house who can't make her payments? Maybe there's a special situation here, but in most parts of America, $800k is a jaw-dropping amount to pay for a house, even with a dual income professional earners.

    Oh and also, I completely forgot about a whole other class of people (32% of all Americans) who are getting nothing out of the bailout: Renters!
  2. UGRev

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    She and her husband can kiss my proverbial arse. Just because someone makes something "too easy" doesn't mean your IQ drops 100 points and all responsibility becomes the governments everyone elses', to bail your stupid arse out.

    Save me Obama.. I'm too stupid to make a smart purchasing decision.
    Save me Obama.. I'm too stupid to save my money.
    Save me Obama.. I'm too stupid to exist without the government controlling my life.
    Save me Obama.. I'm too stupid to do anything on my own.

    I think I just popped a blood vessel in my eye.. :mad:
  3. ghrit

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    A bit late in the game, that was back in Feb 09. Still a disgusting display of "Help Me, I'm stupid." Sorry babes, there is no cure for stupid.

    And what is going to be done for the 65% of renters and those with no mortgage? I think I can see it coming, renter's taxes will go up, and no mortgage homeowners will have to get a mortgage to pay their taxes. I just get a warmer and warmer feeling about Timothy and zero. Spontaneous ignition warning, there is gunpowder around.
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