The 96 Hour (or longer) Kit Checklist

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  1. This is a basic 96 hour kit checklist you could use to make your own bug out bag. The great thing about preppers is that they already know to prepare for longer than 72 hours :D

    Hope you like it!
  2. bnmb

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    You might want to re-check that 96-hour kit suggested items list pdf...Two thirds of the stuff there is absolutely not needed if it's only 96 hours...even if it's not, even it's for longer, again two thirds of the list should be replaced with other items or discarded completely...
  3. ghrit

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    Yeah, well, this from the list header -
    "These are suggestions and you should only include those items that fit your needs and conditions."
  4. bnmb

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    Yes...I mean, If I was to carry all that stuff for only 96 hours, I wouldn't get very far...
    And can you know ahead of time what kind of SHTF might happen, so the kit should be universal more-less, and as compact as possible. After all, it's only 96 hours...
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    A Pop-up blocked the whole thing, the entire page!
    Can't be seen or read on my end!
    Gave it a second chance...not happening!
    The pop up for a emergency handbook blocks out the entire page and I can't get past it, regardless of what I tried to do...
    Oh well....
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    There's a leetle tynee "X" on the popup, upper right corner. Hit it, and like magic---
    Or here is the list itself:
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    I could not get to the "x" anyway I tried....danged popup woudn't move!
  8. Sorry about the pop-up not working for you! I have looked into it on two different web browsers and haven't had any problem closing out the pop-up. What browser do you currently use?

    I have a lot of new people coming to the blog and am just wanting to let them be aware of the current 30 day event going on. That is why i have the pop up being displayed.

    I realize it can be a problem for some. Thanks

  9. You raise a great point. I wouldn't carry around all that stuff listed either! That is way too much and not practical. I only give the list as a way to give ideas on what you could include. Everyone is different on what they feel is the best bug out bag.

    If you don't mind sharing, I would be interested to know what you would use for just a 96 hour kit. I am always open to new ideas. I have made a lot of changes to my own bob just from listening to other peoples suggestions.
  10. bnmb

    bnmb On Hiatus Banned's what I would carry for 96 hours bug out...Actually, what I carry when I go overnight camping...

    Firesteel and 2 lighters, cotton balls dipped in petroleum jelly, 100 meters of paracord, ColdSteel large khukri machete (or an axe, but I never needed axe when I had my machette), neck knife, belt knife, folding saw, natrium chlorite pack, water bag pack, salt pack, head torch, pocket winding torch, snare wire (at least 20 snares), bow or crossbow (take-down crossbow 99%), multitool, regular sterile gauze and bandage, superglue, ground tarp and mat, sleeping bag, 5 large extra-thick black garbage bags, dozen thin large transparent bags, one roll of twist-tie, pro compass, map pack (map-compass, small notepad, pencil), walking stick, 5 bandannas, head net, pack of salicylic acid tablets, roll of extra strong thin synthetic thread, 10 high-energy food bars, sling rubber, 2 carabiners, army canteen pack, army tent canvass, pace beads. One other small item I don't remember English name for...I use it to make quick arrows. My back-pack with all the above in it or on it...
    Clothes depending on the weather, but all synthetic and multi-layered, all long sleeves, pro boots, knee-pads, hat, gloves, wallet, docs, money, watch, folding knife, mini-multitool, other normal everyday items, cell phone (has radio in it). Duct tape is wrapped around machete and knife sheets...

    All the above is easily carried and doesn't weigh much. Heaviest object is the water bag. All the gear above is about 25 kilograms total and all is on the back, but water bag can be carried even in front, on the chest. On the belt is knife and multitool. This is my normal, camping pack...or BOB...all the same.
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