the ABA endorses 2A infringement

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by JABECmfg, Mar 1, 2013.

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    ABA, ........... A Bunch of A-holes. Of the mass shooting examples they stated in their preamble to groveling and kissing Obozo's feet, I could go on and on punching holes in their logic (they was no common thread logic to start with). I think the majority of lawyers are liberals. Obviously, Libretarians, Conservatives, Jefferson Constitutionalists, and Liberals are not going to come together and agree on much if any of this. So for me, it's just yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda. I can't hear you.
    I did find this comment below the article about lawyers worth repeating.
    The last time I got arrested I hired a lawyer. When I spoke with him he said it would be a simple case, make a motion to dismiss evidence, because it was the result of a illegal search, and the state would have no way to prove I did anything wrong. However when we got to court, I had to argue with him for 5 minutes, because for whatever reason he thought it would be a good idea for me to take the plea bargain. When he finally got the idea I wasnt going to be bullied in to taking a plea bargin, he told the assistant states attorney my choice, and the state dropped the charges. It made me wonder why I didnt go with a comedian and save $500.
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    why is it the two most expensive professions to rent(Doctors and Lawyers) are still "practicing" ? o_O :D
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    Some just do what is the easiest for them, not the best for you. I use to play golf with a Defense attorney and a prosecuting Attorney at a club. One of the common topics they used to banter about was the " art of the deal" and win/win sort of things make good for good deals in business and I assume law as well...
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    Government is the religion of the western world. All that separation of church and state is a bunch of malarchy thrown out to lull the population into believing The Great Big Lie®. You're not free, nor have you ever been. Our system is shepherded by an exclusive priesthood and they still wear their black robes as a symbol. Of course their exclusive representative club endorses the disarmament of their flock! The better to own you, my dear!
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    Why would the ABA want less crime and fewer criminals?

    Their income depends on active criminals.
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    Exactly so! Which is why the higher echelons of the 'legal/elite' cast aspire to become the rule makers. Make everything illegal and you and yours profit from the prosecution of everybody that is not you and yours! The middling members of the cast become the rule defenders & the lowliest of the cast become the enforcers of the rules their betters dream up. Make no mistake, they are all statists of a most evil persuasion.

    A necessary step in the entire process, however, is the disarmament of the people so their system of control might be perpetually maintained. Thus as has been stated so many times before and by much more eloquent speakers than myself, it's never been about reduction of crime. It's about control & fear is the tool.
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    I can see that if everything they want to make illegal did NOT be so made, there would be no one left to feed on, and they would have to turn on themselves, starting with the politicians. Is there a downside to that?
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    Who was it who said "the first thing to do is kill all the lawyers"?;)
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    That there fella what wrote Hamlet...
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    On an interesting side note; Of the last year that we have FBI data, somewhere between 8000 and 9000 people were killed by firearms in the USA. That same year somewhere between 85,000 and 90,000 died at the hands of Medical personnell who were charged with malpractice or worse. Maybe these morons should be ignored when they give their opinion.
    yup, I stand corrected. sort of. yes I confused lawyers with doctors. recently doctors have been endorsing more gun control. the numbers above about deaths at the hand of hack doctors are correct. sorry about the miscue on the ABA vice the AMA
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    The ABA is made up of lawyers. I used to work for a copy service (they do the legwork for attorneys getting copies of documents). Our 'definition of happiness' was 10,000 psychiatrists jumping into the ocean, with an attorney under each arm and one clasped 'firmly' between the thighs. For the most part, I have found attorneys to be self-congratulatory jerks. BTW, a gun ban would not make fewer criminals, it would make more. Just think it through. People aren't going to give up their bang-bangs just because the law says to, so they become criminals.
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