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The American Preparedness Radio Network

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by CATO, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. CATO

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    The following are the frequencies that have been designated by Catastrophe Network and the The American Preparedness Radio Network (TAPRN):
    • 80 Meters – 3.818 MHz LSB (TAPRN Net: Sundays at 9 PM ET)
    • 40 Meters – 7.242 MHz LSB
    • 40 Meters Morse Code / Digital – 7.073 MHz USB
    • 20 Meters – 14.242 MHz USB
    • 2 Meters – 146.420 MHz FM
    • FRS/GMRS – Channel 4 (462.6375 MHz)
    • CB – Channel 4 (27.005 MHz)
    • MURS – Channel 4 (154.570 MHz)

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    Ok, Good to know, information.... A place to look, for Like Minded Folks, but also a place for the OpForce, to troll for those who do NOT properly vett, their Comms. CommSec needs to be kept at the Highest Level, when dealing with a NEW Station. Don't give away "The Farm" to just anyone who happens along by.... ......
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