The Army's next enemy: YOU

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Oct 2, 2012.

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    A liberal's perspective on what is a radical group, non-mainstream idiologies, extreme religious beliefs and so on is what should concern everyone. If they have their way, we will all be locked up the day they can change the law's enough to suit their needs. Pray for them to never have total control of all branches of government. The slippery slope is getting steeper every day.
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    The greatest attempts to subversion are often times accompanied with partial truths hidden within the lie.

    With the modern era and information age well underway, the media is empowered with a great and mighty weapon to wield against the world. It is not improbable to see patriotic people fall into the habits and roles typified by this outline. Much of what is seen above can be explained by simply comparing ordinary life to the twisted, brutal reality of today and focusing on reactionary effects of an all powerful police state.
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    It's not so much the steep slope that one needs to worry about....but the gentle, imperceptible slope, generously lubricated with unctuous promises and grand visions for the nation's safety and security by our , when in reality the nation's integrity is compromised by the fractional loss on a continuing basis of institutions that are meant to protect us from oppression from within.
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    Hmmm.... Needs Empowerment..... The mind boggles... aren't we supposed to empower people? at least that's what I keep hearing from the government...
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    Boy...that's a mouthful. How about:

    “The universal methodology of the tyrant is always incrementalism.” - Derek Audette
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    I keep seeing the word liberals / libatards used recently when it concerns government heavy handedness. I think it maybe more appropriate to think of it as 'Those we've enabled to govern'
    There is no political leaning for tyranny. Just those in power, wanting to remain in power.

    It's not strictly a liberal / conservative / communist / socialist / marxist issue.

    The next one in office is typically just as bad as the one before. Maybe it's because there really isn't much of a shift in power or difference between the Anointed and Appointed choices that are presented to us to choose from.

    And thus, everyone not in the game, is somehow a treat to their ability to remain in control. Ergo, The list of scary traits and actions to be suspicious of.

    OOOOOOOooooooo Boogy Men
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    As you all know...I rarely use one word when 10 words are clearly not enough! ; )
    In my haste to submit my post before my library terminal life expired, I omitted one word...for some reason the editing utility hasn't allowed me to insert the missing word, but I think most of you have been able to fill in the space....for those who haven't; the intended text is as follows
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    That's why i prefer picture books. Too many words otherwise. ;)
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    The vast majority of things on that chart are so vaguely worded as to apply to both Left and Right individuals. Some are much more common among the Left.
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    Its simply a force protection response to the radicalization of Nidal Hassan, Jason Abdo, and others.

    There are signs...
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    You domestic terrorists need to be watched--all of you. Why you might salute "that" flag, or repeat that pledge, or go to church, or read that Bible, or raise a family--yep, you folks need to be watched---carefully.
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