The arrogance of the Obama administration: disrupt you life for the king

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Feb 15, 2013.

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    This is one time that I can actually attest to a news story being correct. Imagine you've had to take a week off work because your school is "on break"; then, you get a call from the school saying to bring your kid back in because Obama is coming to said school and "it won't look good if there are no kids." (Basically, they need photo props). At that point, you make the comment that some aide didn't do their homework and that I wouldn't want my kid around all of those SS agents. "Why?" "They have guns of course." Baaaaaaaa. [sheep]

    Pre-school scrambles to fill classrooms for Obama visit | The Daily Caller

    President Barack Obama visited a pre-kindergarten class on Thursday during a student holiday, prompting school officials to request that parents bring their children back to school in order to fill seats.

    Students at the College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center in Decatur, Georgia were expecting to spend winter break at their homes this week, according to WSB radio in Atlanta.
    “It was very surprising. The timing presented a rather unique challenge,” admitted Courtney Burnett, the legislative liaison at Decatur Schools. “Our school system is on winter break right now.”

    Parents dutifully fetched their children so that the president didn’t have to tour empty classrooms.
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    Our liege summoned them, and they responded. Morons all. 'Course, had they not, the kids would have been suspended for disobedience.

    I wonder why our liege's advance party didn't know what was going on. Could there be a competence question?
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    Wasn't sure where I wanted to stick this. I didn't really want to start a new thread. This pertains to Obozo and his continued hands off policy of talking out of one side of his mouth while doing something else altogether. Examples being "tranparency", which doesn't exist under his administration, although he campaigned on it and touts it all the time. Then he blames the Republicans for being obstructionists as opposed to being Bipartisan. Republicans have caved to Obozo numerous times and instead of accepting a win and signing same with his John Handcock, he changes the demands and signs nothing. Why you may ask. Well, Rush would have you believe it seems he wants Nothing with his name on it, because then he can be blamed. Like Teflon Don Gotti ..... Obozo wants nothing to lead back to him.
    My point in all this is this recent news release with regard to a Bipartisan action in the Congress in bold below. Anyone want to bet Obozo the Nation Destroyer will sign or not sign. My belief is that he won't!
    Congress has approved a short-term spending measure that averts the chances of government shutdown next month, locks in the across-the-board sequester cuts but blunts its impact for certain key agencies.

    The House gave final approval Thursday on a broad bipartisan 318 to 109 vote to a continuing funding resolution that outlines spending through the Sept. 30 conclusion of the fiscal year.

    The bill now goes to President Obama for his signature, ending a relatively smooth and drama-free process for a Congress that has repeatedly deadlocked on spending issues.
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    Kings always want photo ops with the children they will soon have as adult subjects.
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    "Parents dutifully fetched their children so that the president didn’t have to tour empty classrooms."

    There is something profoundly WRONG with that statement. The sheeple comply, to cover up a stupid mistake made by the Illegal Alien's staff? "BAAAAAAAAA.....!"
    I'd have told them to go pound sand. I and my kids are not SUBJECTS!!
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    [sheep] [kneelsuckers][sheep]
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    Even Hitler liked to be photographed with children.
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    Meh....what were Obama's minders thinking....not checking whether the school would even be open when scheduling the appointment??? It would only have taken a phone call or two. on the ball presidential functionary would have had a bus full of Potemkin children and parents to fill the empty Potemkin venues along the president's whistle-stop tour. CDF really if one gives it some thought. :rolleyes:

    Potemkin village - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    None of the kids even noticed Obama was naked!
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    4 words required, for a situation like this: MY KID IS SICK (click!)
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    Or, My kids are very sick and highly contagious since we could not afford any meds after we paid our taxes.
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