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    Sorry for the clarity.

    The ultimate implementation of this is what H.Bowman suggests in UC.

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    Supplemental docs:

    Here is the US Army's AWG (Asymmetrical Warfare Group) website.

    Know thine enemy.
    The Psychological Asymmetry of Islamist Warfare :: Middle East Quarterly

    A PDF by the "Association of the United States Army" shows the entry level thought by the United States after they entered the hornet's nest of insurgency that was the Iraq Occupation Web-ExclusivePubs/Land Warfare Papers/LWP_58.pdf

    Now we get to the meat. A paper by a USAF staffy who is in their command college. Its about asymmetrical warfare and globalization. If you don't understand why these two go together like cornbread and butter (they do) you should read this. Dry, but informative.

    Another paper from Air Command and Staff college. "Exposing America's weaknesses" gets to the heart of what asymmetrical warfare is all about. America is, frankly, the best nation on earth for fighting WWII and WWIII ... so why would any lesser force want to go toe to toe with them on those grounds???

    A Google scholar search :
    asymmetric warfare - Google Scholar

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