The ATF approval process...How does this process work?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Bandit99, Nov 13, 2017.

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    I was on PWS website today looking around. I happened to look at a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR), ~11 inches, and this was on it:
    "This is a factory SBR and must be ATF form 3 transferred to a Class 3/NFA dealer in order to be form 4 transferred to individuals."

    How does this process work?
    1. You purchase the gun and they give you a serial number
    2. You pass them the serial number and they ship the gun to an FFL of your choice using a Form 3 who sits on the firearm.
    3. You submit a Form 4 to the ATF and wait for it to be processed and approved/disapproved?
    4. Your approval is sent to you by the ATF and you take it to the FFL and pick up your firearm.
    Is this how it works or what have I got wrong or missed? What happens to your firearm if your Form 4 is disapproved for whatever reason? What happens if it is lost, does the FFL continue to hold firearm indefinitely? Does FFL charge for holding it by the month or ? I mean, I have heard guys waiting 6+months for approval...and thinking an FFL, like anyone, has a limited amount of space.
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    @Seacowboys would be the best to answer these questions... He has dealt with these issues, in the past...
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    You got it correct bandit99, that' essntially how it works. Current NFA wait times are over 9 months! My last was just over 8 months, and my current application is still on the desk 7 months on! A denial will see a NFA item returned to the supplier, normally with a fee, and your deposit usually gets refunded! What many FFLs do is take a deposit ( or full payment in some cases) and file your paperwork for you( for a small fee) and they hold the item until you are approved! It' pretty easy actually, it' the waiting that is hard!
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    2nd what @Ura-Ki said. Most all NFA dealers will handle the paperwork for you-at least the ones around here. Waiting on my 02/07 currently. talking to guys around here the suppressor wait is down to as low as 5 months.
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    Anyone hear anymore news, good or bad, on the suppressors being taken off the list, being made legal?
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    Last I heard it has fallen through the cracks and in light of recent events not likely to be brought up again anytime soon. Alabama did have a bill at the state level but I've heard nothing new about it either.
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    It could be worse. If I remember correctly the full fee for getting a home distiller license has to be paid up front, and if denied, you get nada in return. supposedly this is because they only deny for reasons prosecutable under federal law. Which would you prefer, being denied or being prosecuted? BTW lying on your application to the feds is breaking a federal law.
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