The benefits of living underground and rural areas

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    As Nadja pointed out in the benefits of living with solar post .I'm going to post a few reason why i live underground and i know some people can not do it and it not for some but us monkey's types comes in all forms and some can do it and others can not .

    N1-Security .The main reason after some type of social unrest there are going to be problems and the socalled i'm entitled types are going to be moving around looking for there socalled next free meal or place to sleep because they think they have the right to it .

    If you can not see it or hear it or smell it then they have a hard time finding it .So living in a underground home make perfect sense to me in that area .

    Plus with proper landscaping technignes you have to walk up on the hatch to see it or when the hatch is open to know something is there or the air intakes and exhaust units they can be landscaped into the area and well hidden from prying eyes .

    Also with the landscaping ideas you can plant a privacy bush along side the road and it can block the view of the area

    N2-Quietness of the place it does have a calming effect on my sleep pattern when i sleep there and i do get some great sleep there when i spend the night in the place .

    N3-Off-Grid i make my own power from the solar set up along with a gas generator set up to keep the battery charge when it not enough sun out in the few days of winter that happens.Plus my solar system is design from the get go to be taken down and hidden inside the shelter for those times when it needed to be kept out of prying eyes in the areas

    N4-On my own spetic system and well water and to me that means some fat cat in a office somewhere can not raise of the price of water or spetic fees to be conected to a county or city system and that a big one for me after living in the city

    N5-Storage of supplies in the place it does take a little getting used to in what you can store and how to store it because of living in a round world with square things to be stored in the racks i have bult into the storage area . .

    N6-When i go up for the weekend i know what types of food to bring to eat that weekend and i know what to bring to drink with me when i'm there .So cooking up there is pretty easly for me at times when i'm there

    N7-heating & cooling of the home the earth does that for me so i do not need to heat in the winter time or keep the place cool in the summer the earth that covers me keep me at a temp range of 65 to 70 degrees year round and i do not spend any money on the need to do those things

    Yes i have been inside the place when it had snow on the ground and the wearther was rotten outside and i nice and warm when i was drinking my cup of tea and listening to the morning weather forcast from the sat radio i have there hooked up

    These are some of my personal reason why i chose to live underground when i retired
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    Hank, you drink tea ? Now I know what is wrong with you . LOL Coffee , coffee and more coffee
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    That is, in my thoughts almost the ideal, bad situation place to live.....i wish i had the equiptment to undertake something like that....Just getting away from the city is 90% of the soloution, as in hunting, 90% of people won't go more than a couple of hunderd yards off a road or path....if you're place is a couple miles off the "beaten" path, you are already a long jump ahead of those in the fringe areas...There are always the hard core that are tenacious enough to keep searching......those are the one you have plan "B" for.....You're place sounds awesome, alot of hard work, but nothing worth having comes easy....rsbhunter
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    Blame my wife on that one because she came from Ireland and we did not drink coffee in the house inless family was visting she was pretty fugal in her way before she left to go meet her maker in 95
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    I'm trying to reconcile the well hidden underground dwelling and the solar collectors that will be nearby ---
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    I stole the idea from the company called solar stik and made there unit into a diff set up with the unit holding 12 solar panels total -x-6-on each side of the middle pole unit along with a small pole mounted wind turbine that goes up about 7ft above the solar panels in the middle of the unit .

    The design was to be able to break it down and put it up as it needed .I basically stole the idea and made it fit my idea of a moveable solar panel system that i can move or aim at the sun to get the max amount of solar power out of the panels .

    I saw them on sailboats and thought the idea was a good one and went and talked to a friend who does metal welding and made up a rought stetch of my idea for a solar panel system and he inproved on it with some ideas of his own .

    The design was to be put up and broken down in less than 20 mins start to finish if i had the time to break it totaly down for storage in the shelter .If not the panels and wind turbine could be taken off and stored into the shelter with a basic quick detachment from the pole mount system and stored inside the shelter intill they where need again to recharge the battery bank

    I use a Rv style electical plug system to connect to the solar & wind set up with a quick connection system to power the unit .

    Now what most people see out in the field is a small single solar panel and a wind system with a short stubby antanna unit and most people think it a local rancher weather moniter unit that they use alot to keep track of rain and other things in the area .

    But in the truth be told it a small panel system to help keep the batterys bank charge with it floating charge and a small alarm system that will call me if someone comes into the area and keep the unit powered .The unit has a prepaid cellphone inside a small weather proof storage unit attched to the side and when you break the beams or walk on a pressure plate unit that are guarding the area inside the fence it will call me to tell me the alarm has been trigger .

    The second you break the beams it calls me then it will call a another person in the area if i had not answered the first phone call to let them know the alarm has been triggered .

    Here is a basic solar stick set up with wind turbine set up
    BreezeinBlak2_000. solar-stiktm-360-breeze-axes-movement. SS360Silo. steph_on_stik_1_web.
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    I like the pros you have stated for being underground. I wish I was in an area that the ground wasn't saturated with water most of the time and could afford that investment. If you hadn't already, you might want to install a couple extra emergency exits. Someone may park a deuce and a half on your hatch.
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