The Best Of Country Songs Of All Time - Top 100 Greatest Old Country Music Collection

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    The Best Of Country Songs Of All Time - Top 100 Greatest Old Country Music Collection

    [ thanks to Angela St .. .. who made the list below (y) (y) ]

    Here is every song on this video, with the timings of each, beginning to end.

    0:00-3:30 I Cross My Heart : George Strait

    3:31-7:12 When You Say Nothing At All : Keith Whitley

    7:13-10:29 He Stopped Loving Her Today : George Jones

    10:30-14:02 Forever And Ever, Amen : Randy Travis

    14:03-18:34 Remember When : Alan Jackson

    18:35-22:19 It’s Your Love : Tim McGraw

    22:20-26:44 I Swear : John Michael Montgomery

    26:45-29:15 I Walk The Line : Johnny Cash

    29:16-31:30 Mama Tried : Merle Haggard

    31:31-35:32 Amazed : Lonestar

    35:33-38:15 Ring Of Fire : Johnny Cash

    38:16-41:02 I Fall To Pieces : Patsy Cline

    41:03-43:45 Your Cheatin’ Heart : Hank Williams

    43:46-46:25 Jolene : Dolly Parton

    46:26-48:51 Hello Darlin’ : Conway Twitty

    48:52-51:47 I Will Always Love You : Dolly Parton

    51:48-54:30 Crazy : Patsy Cline

    54:31-58:03 Always On My Mind : Willie Nelson

    58:04-1:00:41 Stand By Your Man : Tammy Wynette

    1:00:42-1:03:27 I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry : Hank Williams

    1:03:28-1:06:20 Amarillo By Morning : George Strait

    1:06:21-1:09:19 Coal Miner’s Daughter : Loretta Lynn

    1:09:20-1:12:20 Good Hearted Woman : Waylon Jennings

    1:12:21-1:15:14 Hey Good Lookin’ : Hank Williams

    1:15:15-1:17:43 Mamma’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys : Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson

    1:17:44-1:21:17 The Devil Went Down To Georgia : Charlie Daniels

    1:21:18-1:25:10 Sunday Morning Coming Down : Johnny Cash

    1:25:11-1:28:41 The Gambler : Kenny Rogers

    1:28:42-1:31:01 Today I Started Loving You Again : Merle Haggard

    1:31:02-1:33:55 Hey Good Lookin’ : Hank Williams (same as 1:12:21)

    1:33:56-1:38:19 El Paso : Marty Robbins

    1:38:20-1:41:08 White Lightnin’ : George Jones

    1:41:09-1:43:41 On The Road Again : Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson

    1:43:42-1:48:00 Friends In Low Places : Garth Brooks

    1:48:01-1:52:33 I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink : Merle Haggard

    1:52:34-1:55:38 Coat Of Many Colors : Dolly Parton

    1:55:39-1:58:15 Sixteen Tons : Tennessee Ernie Ford

    1:58:16-2:00:44 The Battle of New Orleans : Johnny Horton

    2:00:45-2:03:28 If We Make It Through December : Merle Haggard

    2:03:29-2:07:17 Smoky Mountain Rain : Ronnie Milsap

    2:07:18-2:10:19 Guitars, Cadillacs : Dwight Yoakam

    2:10:20-2:13:29 Take Me Home, Country Roads : John Denver

    2:13:30-2:16:14 Folsom Prison Blues : Johnny Cash

    2:16:15-2:20:33 A Country Boy Can Survive : Hank Williams Jr.

    2:20:34-2:24:21 For The Good Times : Ray Price

    2:24:22-2:27:52 The Gambler : Kenny Rogers (same as 1:25:11)
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    Those certainly are some good ones. When I think country, the first I think of is Conway Twitty. It's good to see it's on the list.
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    Rodeo song.. Yesterdays wine, Islands in the stream... And then, When driving,Theres the Asshole song!!
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    (y) (y)
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    I'll tell ya, that list is a good start. There's no narrowing down the whole of country music to 100 greatest though. That list is so incomplete. I listened though and now you have gone and sent me down that particular rabbit hole...but it'll be a great day of country tunes!

    No working from home for me...thanks for giving me this!
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    who made up that list ?

    no Willie Nelson?
  8. oldawg

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    Yeah, he's on there a couple times as are Waylon and Johnny but they left out Kris, As an old long haul driver I notice such sacrilege.
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    Didn't see David Allen Coe either. The Ride ,, good tune,,
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