the best predictor of future behavior is?

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    Ans: past behavior.

    Recall the Kenyan's voting record while in the Senate.

    Which makes this news as "not surprising:"

    A real man would've given credit where it was due, taken no accolades, and been willing to take any an all blame if something went wrong.

    But, his "you didn't do that alone" mentality is just the opposite: if you are successful, he's quite willing to accept credit, while blaming any failures on someone else. The epitome of a POS.
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    bobo the scret chimp looks more like he's a retiree living high on his pension, rather than a 'working president'. Once we get him fired and sent back tot he Chitown Ghettos, lets all work hard to introduce him to life in the slammer......
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    WOW sea,what a grand idea,if he could be put in jail with his pardners in crime from chit town and state of illinois,right in the slammer with Ryan and Rod Glo boy a vich whatcha call him,both former illinois govs
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    Show me who you roll with,and I'll show you who you are.
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    There's a theory about this:

    Essentially, birds of a feather flock together.

    Have you ever noticed why those who protest things like the G8 or those Occupy douches all look alike (i.e., pot-head, hippie-type pinko fags, body modification, fringe dred-lock mange scumbags) and if you see a TeaParty protest, in general, it looks like the summer catalog from LL Bean or Land's End?

    Losers differentially associate with losers and people with jobs/responsibility differentially associate with other productive/responsible people.
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    Carp ! , Could be why when i walk , nobody want's to join in .. & I had a shower !! They either move away or watch and hide!! Funny 2 me. (roul with / flock from ^^)

    We all can't fit in the same mould , but respect the same idea would be good.
    Remember the puppet masters are trying to write the story ~~~~~~~~~

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