The best way I've found to Scrub your HD

Discussion in 'Technical' started by melbo, Aug 12, 2005.

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    Many people ask me, "What do you have to hide? You're so interested in Privacy and hiding your personal information." My answer is that "I have nothing to Hide, I just have nothing personal I'd like to share with strangers."

    In the days of Identity theft and other crimes, I want to make sure that my data is secure when I have further use of it and gone when I'm done with it.

    First a litle test. Run your favorite (free to $40 Wiper), Cleansweep, Mr. Clean, Data-B-Gone, PoRnKiLLeR and then run this:


    download EnCase here:
    What you are looking at is all of the lost clusters, lost *&^s and other bits of Disk space that Your system sees as Empty but EnCase can still view. The first time I ran this, I found directories with text in them that I had deleted the day I bought this notebook. Oh, I think it has a text search on it too.... Give that a whirl. Try Rifle, AR-15, Terrorist, explosion, bomb, survival, etc and see what comes up.

    If you find some of these terms, and you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, You may be finding yourself explaining your obsession with this stuff. .. Possibly from Club Gitmo.

    Of Course I have a soloution for you. More later. Play with EnCase I'm looking for my license agrement on the solution software. I think I remember being told I could install it on as many machines as I wanted so long as only one was running at a time or something like that.

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    b:: [beer] [woot] I can't wait.
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    The Software is called "Evidence Eliminator" The main site is pretty marketing hyped but the reviews are all good. Except one from one guy that is really tweaked about the app. Not sure his motivation but he calls them "scum" a lot.....

    I paid $140something for it and 2 days later found this.... 1/2 price... :(

    Here are a few reviews:

    and here are 2 sources of a 30 day trial:,fid,15720,00.aspâ„¢-download_L4517.html

    If you look into using it, please contact me when you are setting it up. It's safe out of the box, but once you start flipping switches.... It can't be recovered. I can help.

    Offers a quick(5-15 minute) wipe as well as a Safe Restart or Shutdoen... These can take an hour or more as it scours free space and then secures every file on your sys.... (It looks under each file for hidden crap)

    Really, I can help you set it up as I made a few mistakes early on.....
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    Quit hiding, why do you have to hide? [​IMG] :lol:
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