The best weapon ever: food

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    von Clausewitz noted that war is just another form of politics. If so, then it isn't much of a stretch to see that the control of food (e.g., FDA) is just another form of governmental coercive tactics...especially when you take into account the strong support of politicians by Monsanto.

    6 Ways That Food Is Being Used as a Weapon Against Us | Wake Up World
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    Starving people is a time "honoured" method of genocide -

    There is nothing new here...the Soviet Union created an artificial famine in the Ukraine as part of an orchestrated plan to liquidate the Kulak class, to facilitate the collectivisation of food production in the Ukraine and to utterly destroy Ukrainian nationalism. It was largely done at the point of a gun, and any who resisted were liquidated or became grist for the Gulag mill as state slaves.

    Anything that diminishes the freedom to be personally self sufficient in food production, and have free access to non hybrid, non GM genetic material for food crop propogation, will be a direct or indirect threat to personal food security.

    Ukraine Famine

    The Ukrainian Genocide

    The Terrible Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33 - YouTube

    Soviet Genocide of Ukrainians - YouTube
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    Not to mention that Ukraine had a very large population of Jews per capita and the russians took their wheat durring world war 2 and let the German's erradicate whoever lived there.


    thanks for being the bread basket of die.
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    Money. Stalin confiscated their grain to export for profit, leaving over 10 million to starve to death in the winter. He was the ultimate scumbag, and friends with FDR. Even our own media heralded Stalin as a good, solid leader and an icon. It's sick.
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    Mao starved between 40 and 50 million people to death.
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    While Saloth Sar (Pol Pot) doesn't come anywhere close to the count of Mao, he was quite brutal and had people dig their own graves, then soldiers beat them them with garden tools or metal bars and then buried them alive. His count was only 800k to 3 million.
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    All the more reason to become self reliant and keep a bit stored also. We have been building a new orchard, vineyard, and raised beds for the last few years. Ponds are stocked and flocks growing. Grandpapa said that creeks never run so full that they don't run dry. We are headed for a long dry spell it seems.
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    Yes Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius. A great way to rule the world.
    It's blossoming around the world as we speak in Land use rules, IP Laws, Farming bills, Food safety regs the list goes on and on.

    A starving population will do anything the leaders want.

    They can win without firing a shot.

    Unless of course the sheeple wake up and figure out what is going on. On second thought, they are pretty much screwed.

    Got Seeds?
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    It was the classic communist/Nazi socialist win the people's revolution and purge the people.

    They weren't starving in Cambodia and after a purge those who were left did whatever the leaders wanted. Starvation is but one of their tools and they are willing to use all the tools.
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