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    the "horizon project is an "earth change doomsday dvd supposedly predicting massive earth changes to coincidewith the ending of the infamous Mayan calendar on dec24,2012.I posted a bit in another thread.
    Anyway, watching thetrailers, istening to a double expresso shot of [​IMG]alex jones on coast to coastl ast night 'til 3am:
    They claim the global warming is real,and not manmade, but a cyclic disaster attributed to the travel of our system around the galactic center.
    Had a thought ast night,(thebigsecret :( )
    • the administration seems helbent on doing certain things contrary to what any american citizen would want.They apear oblivious to thewill of the people.
    • What if these "oujiboard" voodoo soothsayers are correct? It would explain some callousness, if the administration were briefed on an impending catastrophe ( peakoil, asteroids,giant space hemmorhoids etc).The pulic doesn't need to know,and the US not going to be around much longer anyway??
    • Blatant disregard for 200+ years of law would be excusable even expected..
    • .Does that "explain" recent increasingly bold daylight ufo traffic at o'hare and elsewhere...
    Is the skyfalling????Would it matter to know if itwas??
    Does this explain a callous, deaf administration??

    Findout:Buy My dvd;filled with hours of shocking,recentlydiscovered, evidence weare livingin the time of the impact of the big space bannana??24.95...
    Wouldthere be anything other than hanging on tighter (velcro shoes? to keep youdown after gravity disappears ???) to do???[dunno]

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    I hate it when greatminds think alike:

    found on tb2k forum:
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    <hr style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> I never anywhere say not to pursue and destroy the terrorists OR the States that pay and train them.

    What I say is that we kick their asses.

    The only real threat they pose, is biological and nuclear. Poisons and car bombs are tiny blips on the stage.

    Annoyances but not nation killers.

    I am sure I have studied as much military history as you have.

    The terrorists do NOT pose a threat that could cause "decades of warfare".

    Something else, as yet undefined, or rather, un-proven, does.

    Unfortunately there are a number of quite real possibilities. Nuclear war with Russia and/or China. A Supervolcanoe. A collapsing magnetic shield (and as for those that have convinced themselves that such a massive change AS THAT would have no bearing on their health and safety, oh paaaaleeeeese). An unstable planet (from whatever cause) with larger and more destructive EQ's. A number of volcanoes going off and darkening the sky for 2-3 years so plants don't grow. Growing evidence that we are entering into an area of space with meteor and comet swarms. A super flu.

    What have I missed? I know there are more, quite realistic and credible threats. Oh yeah, quite plain evidence of something that people are claiming are "scalar" effects.

    So, if you wish to persist in the fantasy of terrorists invading Atlanta, go ahead. The only real threat they pose is biological, nuclear, or power grid related.

    And the instant any of those appear to be taking place, I have no doubt that the American people WILL support the rounding up and internment of millions of foreigners. We have done it in the past and political correctness be damned.

    Anything seriously affecting millions of Americans in a deadly way will cause tens of millions to change their voting habits.

    You are entitled to your opinion. Mine is that there is some greater threat.

    These recent announcements may be part of it. Only part. Man isn't causing all these changes, because they are occuring on other planets, right now.

    But we may not have a decade or two.

    It is possible, that we may only have a few years left to get ready for it.

    And if so, it isn't a matter of how well prepared you are where you are currently located, if you are in the zone of past ice ages.

    You can't live in an Artic Wasteland. And if hundreds of millions are displaced, nobody is going to be trucking in or airdropping food to you.

    Canadians might become Americans much quicker than they realize.
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