The Blood of Patriots .... new paperback

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    New book, looks interesting. Available at Amazon and other bookstores

    The Blood of Patriots
    William W. Johnstone

    God - Their God - NYPD detective John Ward is all for religious freedom, but when he tries to bust a street vendor peddling phoney Rolexes, he's suspended from the force - the latest casualty of political correctness. He decides to leaves the city and visits his ex-wife and daughter in Colorado. When he arrives in the peaceful town of Basalt, he makes a shocking discovery: certain foreigners are taking over, buying up buildings, purchasing land, setting up training camps and planning ...what? With Liberty And Justice For None - Like an army, they've descended on the town. They've set up their homes like military barracks, forcing their way of life on the community and bending our laws against us. Ward doesn't like the looks of it. And the deeper he digs, the closer he gets to the truth: The enemy is here, on American soil. And if we don't stand and fight - like our nation's forefathers - we can kiss freedom goodbye.
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    Sounds interesting. Worth reading?

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