The Boston Civil Rights Massacre

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    The Boston Civil Rights Massacre

    Written By: Bob - Apr• 23•13

    You may already know my feelings on the subject, but I was surprised to see foreign press acknowledging the over-the-top police state tactics were used in the search for a single stoner terrorist.

    The Daily Mail headline reads:
    The controversial moment SWAT teams ordered innocent neighbors out of their houses at GUNPOINT during door-to-door searches for the Boston bomber

    Fresh videos of this affront to liberty are popping up with regularity now. Here’s another one.

    We’re supposed to accept this as the “new normal?”

    Like Hell.

    The Daily Mail shows just some of the photos of Watertown citizens being forces from their homes, but missed the cop in a armored vehicle’s gun turret pointing a rifle at a citizen that dared photograph their thuggish actions.

    Documenting police state tactics with an iPhone camera warrants a response with a deadly weapon.

    None of these goons will be reprimanded for their behavior, and it will happen again.

    Police commanders will be given a pep talk before their next armed incursion against the citizenry, telling their rank-and-file officers that pointing guns in the faces of children is protecting them, and most of these cops will chose to believe it, all of whom consider themselves “protectors.” It’s easier for them to “go along to get along” than admit they’re becoming the execution arm of the state’s brute force mentality.

    Here’s how they rationalize it. In fact, some cops that post here already have.

    It’s getting bad, folks, and faster than I ever expected.
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    Note that MSN only put up the faces of people who say things like "It was scary but i'm so glad they are doing their job!"
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    Don't forget the cop that brought the family with little kids milk! That pic has been all over my FB feed today.
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    Good post, Colt. Again, if people want to know how conspiracies to undermine the republic work, this is an excellent course of study. Nobody who is sane and rational, or even somewhat decent and informed could look at what happened and say with a straight face that it wasn't a drill to condition the people and a test to see if they can get away with martial law tactics so openly.

    Cry me a river over one bad guy who may or may not have been a threat. This was entirely, completely, utterly unwarranted in such a pejorative manner, there's no reason why people shouldn't be in the streets taking arms against tyranny at this moment. The fact is, too many have become complacent and conditioned to accept tyranny --even welcome it and thank the men in black body armor with rifles for chasing them, at gunpoint into the streets.

    What comes next? The average clone can't even think that far ahead. They are eagerly anticipating the next wave of instruction from their television.
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    In the Soviet Union Stalin had to have artists create photo ops like this for him and have them posted everywhere. Today's leaders are so spoiled. The people create and distribute this glurge for them. I have to say I'm a bit impressed at the conditioning.
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    A man removes a sign hanging from the Lennox Hotel along Boylston Street after the street reopened to the public for the first time since the Boston Marathon bombings in Boston on Wednesday, April 24. The city is trying to return to normal less than a week after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, shocking the nation and leaving the city on edge. See all photography relating to the Boston bombings.
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    Birthplace of Freedom
    Luke: "I was born here you know."
    Han: "You're going to die here you know... convenient."
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    I thought all they needed was a double barrel shotgun in each home. The people interviewed are the most sheeplely people I have ever seen.
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    Exactly, brother. [winkthumb]
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